What to do when the phone loses signal?

First we need to check if the error is caused by the network operator at that time, by asking an acquaintance to use the sim of the same carrier, if it is the fault of the network operator at a certain time. then have to wait for the network operator to handle the problem.

What to do when the phone loses signal?  - first

If the phone loses signal, there are many reasons, either due to the device or the sim, or because the network operator at that time had an error. (Illustration)

If it is determined that the fault is not caused by the carrier, we need to check the physical sim by reversing the sim with another phone. If both our sims when installed to another phone and another sim inserted into our device are working properly without loss of signal, then it is possible that the contact of the copper circuit on the sim and our phone is not working properly. good, need to clean or completely replace the new sim embryo.

In case another phone sim is working normally when inserted into the phone, we have a signal loss error, we can determine the error is caused by our phone, then we need to try to restart the device, run the software again. If it still cannot be fixed, it is completely possible to suspect a hardware failure, then it is necessary to send the phone to a service center to have it checked.

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