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When will iOS 16 be released, what’s new?-Information Technology

iOS 16 will be announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2022. So what’s new in this year’s iOS operating system?

WWDC 2022 Conference of Apple Taking place today June 6 (US time), one of the most important aspects of WWDC is the new software updates Apple announces for its key products. This year, the tech giant is expected to officially announce iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, plus updates to macOS and watchOS.

When will iOS 16 be released, what's new?  - first

iOS 16 is expected to have major improvements in terms of features.

According to leaked information, iOS 16 will have a major improvement over its predecessors in terms of features. But visually, it will still be similar to iOS 15. Expected new features include Always-On Display, support for widgets on the lock screen, and changes to the interface. with the Messages application. Here’s what to expect from iOS 16, when it might be officially released, and other details.

When is iOS 16 released?

iOS 16 is set to roll out on June 6, 2022, and a developer beta is likely to follow after the WWDC keynote. This is in line with the timeline that Apple used in the past. But this build can only be used on iPhones with a developer account and is generally not intended for general users, so these versions are often unstable because of some bugs or errors.

The iOS 16 public beta will be made available in July as previously scheduled. This means that general users will be able to download the build and install it on their iPhone. However, users should still consider installing a new operating system because stability is not guaranteed.

The final official iOS 16 build will appear after the new iPhone is announced, which usually happens in September. The release date is usually a week after the new iPhone is officially revealed.

Does iOS 16 support older devices?

This is one area where Apple does better than Android. The iOS 15 version is supporting the iPhone 6s series, launched in 2015. It also supports the iPhone SE (2016) and the 7th generation iPod Touch (2019). But it is likely that this time Apple will limit support for the iPhone 7 series. We will have to wait and see which devices are about to be removed from the compatibility list this time.

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iOS 16 can support from iPhone 7 and up.

Expected Features on iOS 16

Lock screen widgets: Apple has brought widgets to the home screen on iPhones running iOS 14, bringing some customization capabilities to the otherwise bland iOS home screen. However, after many years, Apple’s lock screen still retains its “nostalgia”. That may change with iOS 16.

Reports suggest that Apple has set it up to enable widgets so that they can be displayed and interacted with right on the lock screen. While not officially confirmed, the change will allow users to quickly and easily access the information they need like appointments and weather throughout the day without having to unlock their phone.

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Widgets are said to be usable right on the lock screen of iOS 16.

Always-On Display: Recent hints of an always-on display feature coming to iPhones have been bouncing around the web. However, after a new report by Mark Gurman – who is known for his reliable leaks about Apple products – mentions the feature that is coming with iOS 16, things are starting to change. hopefully for iOS users who have been wanting to use this Android staple feature for years.

However, the Always-On Display feature may not be coming to older iPhones due to technical limitations. If your iPhone comes with an OLED display, there’s still hope for the new feature. The always-on display will allow users to show some details on the screen throughout the day such as time, important notifications and more, but the feature will likely consume more battery.

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iOS 16 will have an always-on display.

Messages app: Apple is also expected to add new features to the Messages app, which will give the app more of a social network-like functionality. According to Mark Gurman, he hopes that there will be many changes around the audio messages, although it is currently unclear exactly how that will change.

In addition, iOS 16 has many other “rumored” features such as:

– There will be “significant” improvements to notifications, although the specifics are unknown.

– Health application has expanded sleep monitoring and medication management functions. Apple is working on a tool that will allow users to scan their pills into the app, in addition to expected new women’s health features.

– The Apple Music app has an interface based on Primephonic, an app that Apple acquired in 2021.

– Many new exercises for Fitness+.

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