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Which “treasure” helps visit the rich Hoa Than to eat away the king?

Visiting Hoa Than was the great minister under the Qianlong king. Due to the emperor’s trust and respect, Hoa Than continuously promoted and held many important positions in the court.


Hoa Than. Photo on film.

Thanks to that, Hoa Than used all sorts of tricks to plunder assets and enrich himself such as embezzlement, accepting bribes, buying and selling official positions… After Qianlong’s death, Emperor Gia Khanh ascended to the throne. One of the first jobs of the new king of the Qing Dynasty was to investigate the crimes of Hoa Than.

When searching and confiscating property in Hoa Than’s palace, an official sent by Emperor Gia Khanh discovered the wealth of this visitor amounted to nearly 1,100 million taels of silver. This amount of wealth is equivalent to the amount of money that the Qing state treasury took 15 years to collect.

According to some researchers, the “heavenly” wealth of visiting Hoa Than is related to 2 “treasures” of talent and fortune. It is the child of Pi Huu and the word Phuc was written by Emperor Qian Long himself.

Specifically, Pi Xiu is considered a “treasure” that brings fortune and prosperity to the owner. Legend has it that Hoa Than hid his Pixiu to recruit talent on a fake mountain. It was discovered when the officers smashed it during the investigation and confiscated the property of this tourist.

Accordingly, it was discovered that Hoa Than possessed a larger Pixiu than the emperor’s. In addition, the jade used to carve Hoa Than’s Pixiu is a rare and precious jade. Meanwhile, the emperor’s Pixiu was only made from white jade.

In particular, Hoa Than’s belly and buttock are bigger than the emperor’s mascot. This is said to be one of the reasons why Hoa Than is richer than the king.

In addition to Pi Xiu, Hoa Than’s residence also has another “treasure” for talent, which is the word Phuc written by Emperor Qian Long himself. This prince wrote the word Phuc to give to his grandmother – Hieu Trang, the empress dowager when he set up a forum to pray for blessings. At that time, the queen was seriously ill.

In this way, Empress Dowager Hieu Trang recovered from her illness and lived a longer life. Later, the word Phuc was carved on the stone stele. No one knows how and when Hoa Than got this Phuc.

Hoa Than brought a stone stele engraved with the word Phuc, penned by King Khang Hy as a treasure, and placed it in a secret cave right on the dragon vein of the Qing Dynasty. Because that stele was directly related to the royal dragon vein, Emperor Gia Khanh could not take it back and bring it back to the palace.

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