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Why did Tuan Tai become the most dangerous attack of U.23 Vietnam?

Marking his shoes on 3 goals of U.23 Vietnam since the beginning of the tournament, it is hard to believe that this indicator belongs to the left-back, who has just made his first appearance on the continental playground like Phan Tuan Tai.

U.23 Asia is becoming a memorable tournament with U.23 Vietnam same individual Phan Tuan Tai. The defender on the staff of Viettel club has imprinted his shoes on all 3 goals of the home team since the beginning of the tournament, including 1 goal and 2 assists.

If the long shot goes into the net U.23 Thailand Fortunately, when the ball hit the opponent’s center back, the two assists for Nguyen Van Tung and Vu Tien Long were both in the shape of class. Tuan Tai moves well, observes quickly and only needs one pass to eliminate the entire Thai and Korean defense.

Why did Tuan Tai become the most dangerous attack of U.23 Vietnam?  - 1 . photo

Tuan Tai (No. 2) plays with concentration and bravery.


Compare to SEA Games 31Tuan Tai is showing influence in the more difficult tournament, against stronger opponents.

In order to create the shine of Tuan Tai, first of all, the tactical factor must be mentioned. In sea ​​Games 31, Tuan Tai was alternately used by coach Park Hang-seo in two left-sided central defenders and left-wingers. The 21-year-old is mainly involved in defensive support and ball development. Park’s defensive philosophy does not allow Tuan Tai to regularly promote coordination, even entering the penalty area to score.

However, Coach Gong Oh-kyun choose a 4-1-4-1 strategy, with a markedly increased attack tendency. If Coach Park’s 3-5-2 diagram has only 2 players running on the side, Gong Oh-kyun’s scheme has up to 4 players divided equally on the two wings. Thanks to the large number of borderline players, Tuan Tai has more teammates to coordinate the group, climb the border and create influence on the offensive front.

Why did Tuan Tai become the most dangerous attack of U.23 Vietnam?  - 2 . photo

Tuan Tai was summoned to U.23 Vietnam to play the Dubai Cup 2022.


In addition, Gong Oh-kyun’s philosophy is to expand the formation when attacking, that is, the wide kick players have to move very wide to stretch the opponent’s defense, and at the same time coordinate to smash and release, instead of purely receive the ball and cross it. This gameplay is suitable for U.23 Vietnam Currently, when coach Gong Oh-kyun has many players creating mutations on both sides.

Tuan Tai’s assist for Van Tung to score is proof. Le Minh Binh, the player kicking the left striker, stepped back to the edge, opened the space for Tuan Tai to move into the middle, and then made a pass in an unobserved position. It is very difficult for Tuan Tai to have such a comfortable movement situation if U.23 Vietnam do not prioritize edge attacks.

In addition, the high pressing style of kicking, actively pushing the attacking squad of U.23 Vietnam also helps Tuan Tai and Tien Long have more opportunities to approach the penalty area. Because when the midfielders and strikers are accompanied, the full-backs will have space to break through thanks to the free and unpredictable movements.

However, beyond the tactical factors and personnel arrangement of coach Gong Oh-kyun, Tuan Tai was brilliant by the player’s own efforts. Not only training to have an extremely flexible left ankle, players on the Viettel payroll also forge pieces not all full-backs have, that is, one-touch coordination, moving to find space and finishing from a distance.

Thanks to Tuan Tai’s clever runs and crosses, the left corridor is always the “explosive point”, when creating all 3 goals for the team. U.23 Vietnam in this tournament.

Why did Tuan Tai become the most dangerous attack of U.23 Vietnam?  - 3 . photo

Vu Tien Long on the right side is also a remarkable attack.


Tuan Tai still has weaknesses that need to be overcome, such as the ability to hold positions and coordinate in defense, typically the situation where Cho Young-wook’s hole was left open. South Korea U.23 in the previous match. But in football, every defender when focusing on developing attack must accept the risk of lacking in defensive skills, even the top players. Tuan Tai is young, has a lot of time to perfect himself.

It is important that the 21-year-old player needs to be given opportunities in major tournaments, playing continuously at club level, otherwise the potential today will soon be “lost”.

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