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5 groups of people should not eat rambutan lest they get sick

Summer is the season Rambutan ripe. At this time, loads of red, fresh, sweet, juicy rambutans are sold a lot, at affordable prices. Rambutan is the “love of thousands” of Vietnamese people because not only are they delicious, they also bring a lot of nutritional value.

Modern medical research shows that in 100g of rambutan fruit, it will provide 82 calories, 0.35 milligrams of iron, 0.343 milligrams of manganese, 0.08 milligrams of zinc, 8 micrograms of folate, 0.022 milligrams of riboflavin, 0.013 milligrams of thiamine and 0.02 milligrams of vitamin B6 … and many other nutrients.

With a valuable source of nutrients, rambutan brings a lot of medicinal benefits that not all of us can grasp. At the same time, there are many Note when eating rambutan fruit that we should know.

Listen to general practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Oriental Medicine Association) discuss this special fruit.


General practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Oriental Medicine Association).

Question: Dear general physician Bui Dac Sang, for many people, rambutan is just a fruit that is fun to eat and has a dessert effect. However, from the perspective of Eastern medicine, can rambutan be used to cure diseases?

In Oriental medicine, from the peel to the seeds of rambutan are used to cure diseases. Rambutan fruit (unripe) is used to treat diarrhea, dysentery. Rambutan leaves are used to relieve headaches or boil as a shampoo to make hair shiny and smooth.

Rambutan peels bring sharp to drink to treat thrush, reduce fever. The pulp of rambutan fruit and ground seeds are used to lower cholesterol. Rambutan is also used to reduce diabetes and increased blood pressure. And rambutan seeds can be used to treat skin tanning. All can be used but should be done under the guidance of a professional.

Question: So in the opinion of modern science, what effect can rambutan fruit bring, sir?

Rambutan can Support cancer prevention. Because it contains active substances like strong antioxidants, it can prevent cancer.

In addition, rambutan is also a fruit with a high fiber content, which has a direct impact on improving intestinal motility of the body. The fiber in rambutan will act as a catalyst for better digestion, thus helping to reduce the risk of indigestion and constipation.

Because rambutan contains a lot of protein, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, manganese, etc., it has been used by people of Southeast Asian countries to make medicine for a number of diseases such as: high blood pressure, diabetes… for hundreds of years. Besides, the seeds of this fruit can also be prepared to treat diabetes.

Rambutan also contains abundant phosphorus, so rambutan can remove waste and toxins in the kidneys. This phosphorus is also essential for the repair, maintenance, and growth of tissues in the body.

Question: The peel and seeds of rambutan are used by traditional medicine as a medicinal treatment, so how can we use them?

– Cure fever: Wash 15g of dried rambutan peel, add 3 cups of water and boil 1 cup, let cool. Drink 1/3 cup once, 3 times a day will see the effect.

– Cure diarrhea, dysentery: Wash the skin of 10 rambutans, cut them into pieces, add 3 cups of clean boiled water until the remaining water is half, let cool, drink twice a day.

– Treat diabetes: 5 rambutan seeds are roasted and crushed into powder, boiled with water, stirred well, let cool and drink. Use 1-2 times per day.

– Treatment of thrush: Chew the peel and seeds of green fruit and then rinse your mouth. Or take the peel and pound the seeds to get water to apply on the tongue.

Question: Rambutan is so good, but is there a group of people that need to be taboo?

Even though it’s nutritious, rambutan is a tropical fruit, not everyone can eat it. The following 5 groups of people should limit their intake:

1. People with full stomach, indigestion: People who are always full of stomach and indigestion, but eating this fruit will make the disease more serious and difficult to treat.

2. The person is hot inside, or “on fire”Because of the high amount of sugar in rambutan, when eaten, it will cause heat in the body, it is not suitable for people whose body is always burning because it will make the body more irritable, uncomfortable, and sick.

3. Diabetics: Rambutan is a fruit with a high sweetness, a lot of sugar, extremely dangerous if people with diabetes eat a lot of these fruits.

4. People with canker sores, boils, heat rash: Also because this fruit contains a lot of sugar, it will cause heat to the body, stimulating pimples and heat rash.

5. Obese people who want to lose weight: Rambutan is a fruit with high sweetness. If you eat too much, you will not be able to lose weight effectively.

Question: How many rambutans can an average person eat a day?

Even if you are not in the above group, you should be careful when eating rambutan. Every day should only eat about 400-500g and should limit eating a lot of rambutan on hot days.

Question: Can pregnant women eat rambutan?

Pregnant women should also be careful when eating rambutan because this is a hot fruit, avoid eating overripe rambutan because it contains high alcohol content, which will not be safe for mother and baby. Ideally, pregnant women should consult a doctor about the appropriate dose of rambutan.

Thank you general physician Bui Dac Sang for the very useful information! 20220607173524562.chn

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