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5+ The most beautiful, simple & popular model of a 4-roof 3-bedroom house

The 3-bedroom flat roof house is chosen by many people because of its scientific function and high aesthetic value.

This is a very suitable model for family members to live closer together and create a feeling of connection, closeness and family warmth. With a connecting space but not as separate as those of a storey house, this beautiful, simple, modern, comfortable 4-roof house model will be easy to create interaction for families with multiple generations.

Models of 4-level houses with 3-bedroom flat roofs are popular and popular for the following reasons:

High aesthetics: Level 4 houses with flat roofs have a very high aesthetic value, because they can be combined with the garden to both create highlights and uniqueness for the design. nice housewhile creating a cool living space close to nature.

More convenient: Because all functions are arranged on the same ground, level 4 houses have more convenience in living than 2-storey, 3-storey townhouses. It is also easier to move and live, especially suitable for families with the elderly and young children living together.

Cost savings: Level 4 houses are usually designed and constructed very simply. Because the foundation of the level 4 house is not too sophisticated like the type of storey house. Therefore, construction time is quite fast, shortening construction time, helping homeowners save costs.

Some popular models of level 4 houses with 3 bedrooms:

Level 4 house with 3 wooden bedrooms

The level 4 house is beautifully decorated by glass windows and wooden walls. Thanks to that, the house increases the rustic character, close to nature. In addition, the spacious balcony corner is a place for the family to enjoy afternoon tea and relax together.

nha cap 4 832
Wooden level 4 house attracts all eyes.

3-bedroom flat roof 4-level house with super nice mezzanine

This is a popular model, because it always fully meets the needs of families with 4-5 members. The mezzanine helps to increase the usable area for the homeowner. This attic can be used as a bedroom or a storage room depending on the needs of the owner.

nha cap 4 mai bang 3 phong ngu 10 833
Level 4 has a mezzanine.

Simple 3-bedroom flat roof 4-level house

The 3-bedroom flat-roof house model impresses people with its strong design. In the exterior architecture, the concrete blocks of the wall are paved with gray marble in combination with the main door in wood grain color, creating a strong effect for the design.

The side porch area in the main lobby is poured with a fairly large racing block, creating an attractive highlight. The architectural perspective of the house is designed in sync with the garden landscape to create an ideal living space for the owner.

Functional ground of house model level 4 show the science in the layout, making the living more scientific and convenient.

1 nha cap 4 834
The house is designed with 3 bedrooms, a large living room adjacent to the kitchen + dining room. 3 bedrooms are arranged adjacent to each other. Bathroom and toilet are separate, quite reasonable for homes with more than 2 bedrooms.

Level house with 4 flat roofs 3 bedrooms

The 3-bedroom flat roof model stands out with a harmonious combination of brown and white. The house uses yellow decorative lights to make the space more warm and close. The spacious front yard design is planted with many different trees to help the house close to the middle of nature.

The functional floor plan of the house includes 3 bedrooms, a common altar in the living room, a room for a cooking area and a dining table and chairs for the whole family. The common toilet is located at the end of the house for convenient use.

nha cap 4 mai bang 3 phong ngu 11 835
The simple façade has a blend of glass doors and delicate lines, evoking strong visual effects when viewed.

3-bedroom flat roof 4-level house with garage

The overall view of the 3-bedroom flat roof model makes us impressed with the bright and outstanding orange color combined with the gentle and luxurious light gray color. Besides, the alternating white patches make the house more youthful and eye-catching.

2 nha cap 4 836
Model level 4 has a nice garage.

The functional spaces of the house are arranged scientifically and designed separately from each other to ensure comfort and convenience in living. The two master bedrooms are self-contained with their own bathrooms. The other bedroom is designed adjacent to a shared toilet to bring comfort and convenience to users.

Modern 3-bedroom flat roof 4-level house

The overall exterior of the 3-bedroom flat roof model is designed in a modern direction, minimizing decorative details but still bringing elegance.

The house uses 2 colors white and gray to create a pleasant and close look. The entire door system is made of glass material, the wooden imitation aluminum frame also brings warmth and sophistication to the entire architecture.

nha cap 4 mai bang 3 phong ngu 13 837
In front of the house, there is a small hall with enough space for the owner to arrange tables and chairs to enjoy tea and admire the scenery.

The functional plan of the 4-level flat roof house divides the spaces to ensure ventilation, full of light because there are many cool windows. The living room is located right near the 4-door main door, so it is also cool and airy.

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