6 tips to practice with barbells to increase height quickly

Why practice with barbells to increase height?

Practice with pull up bar is considered a national exercise suitable for all subjects regardless of age, gender, physical condition… Many exercises require preparing a lot of gym equipment to support, but with pull-ups, You just need to prepare a solid enough bar to be able to practice anywhere in your home space.

Studies have found that regularly exercising with barbells can help you increase your height. When performed, this exercise helps you stretch the whole body, the cartilage layers between the ends of the bones are also released to the maximum, helping you to increase 2-4cm effective height.

Instructions to practice with barbells

Here is a guide to practicing the right pull-up exercise at home:

Step 1: Start by standing upright under the bar. You can choose to buy wall-mounted barbell exercise equipment, weight-bearing frames, … for your convenience at home.

Step 2: Raise your hands and grab the bar, palms wider than shoulder-width apart, arms extended overhead.

Step 3: Take a deep breath. Then, while exhaling slowly, use your arms and shoulders to pull your body up until your head is level with the bar. When starting to practice, try to keep the body straight (especially the spine), slightly push the chest forward. Keeping your back straight will help stimulate your biceps and reduce back damage.

Step 4: Slowly lower your body to the starting position and at the same time, inhale slowly. As you lower yourself, control your release to avoid injury.

Step 5: Repeat the above movement until the end of the exercise.

6 effective tips to practice with barbells at home

  • Exercise according to the right schedule

When you first perform pull-ups at home, you should start practicing with exercises with the support of equipment such as chairs, resistance bands, … This helps you gradually get used to and practice easier. .

Pull-ups with support: A high wooden chair or platform is a great tool to help beginners with the pull-up exercise. To start the exercise, you put your feet on the chair and perform the exercise as usual.

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Pull-ups with resistance bands: You can also use a resistance band to support pull-ups. Perform the exercise by putting your feet on the rope and performing a pull-up.

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Once you get used to it, you can begin to do the usual pull-ups on your own without assistance. Then gradually progress to practicing more advanced exercises.

  • The right time and intensity of exercise

Newbies in the beginning just need to practice holding their body in the air for as long as possible to train stronger arm muscles. Then slowly practice pull-ups from 2-3 reps/set, then gradually to 10-15 reps/set. A workout session should last about 15-30 minutes.

According to fitness experts, the ideal time to perform pull-ups is in the morning to warm up for the new day and in the afternoon – the time to effectively expend energy after a working day.

  • Warm up before training

You should warm up your body thoroughly before pulling up the bar. The warm-up helps the muscles to be warmed up, gradually getting used to the exercise to minimize post-exercise soreness.

If you practice at home, you can do a few simple warm-ups such as wrist and ankle rotation, thigh lift, heel-to-butt run in place to warm up the body. When working out at a gym with many modern equipment, warm up on a treadmill or exercise bike will be very effective.

  • Regulate breathing during exercise

When you get on the bar, you do an exhalation. As you lower your body, inhale slowly. Proper breathing will help you optimize your training process, limit fatigue and minimize unnecessary injuries.

  • Nutrition

70% of the results of your training depend on your nutrition. Eating scientifically combined with regular pull-ups will help you increase your height effectively and own a charming body.

  • Choose exercise equipment from reputable brands
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Choosing gym equipment from a reputable brand will help you be assured of the quality, durability of the product and the effectiveness of your workout. On the contrary, buying poor quality products will not guarantee safety, making you likely to encounter risks during exercise and affect health.

If you are looking for genuine, high-quality barbell products, please contact PT Fitness immediately. As a pioneer, leading in providing equipment and setting up gym, PT Fitness will advise and help you choose the right product.


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