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A healthy heart comes from habits and choices

Following habits and preferences, will the heart be healthy?

According to Oriental Medicine, the three elements “Spirit” (quality of food), “Qi” (energy), “Spirit” (spirit) need to be harmoniously balanced to support the vital organ, the Heart (heart). ) – helps promote blood circulation throughout the body effectively. In which, “Tinh” is an important factor that needs to be controlled and made the most of.

Accordingly, eating well, eating enough and having a variety of dishes will help improve the working performance of the heart. However, the reality shows that many people tend to follow habits and preferences rather than pay attention to choosing and using foods that are really good for heart health.

Dr. Dr. Pham Tran Linh – Vietnam Heart Association said: “Diverse diet should be understood correctly to avoid imbalance of essential nutrients for the body. The full addition of 4 groups of protein, fat, and sugar , flour through processing in many different ways (fried, boiled, steamed, sautéed…) not only makes a delicious meal but also helps the body absorb and metabolize nutrients more effectively.

With fat, Dr. BS also noted, in unnecessary cases, abstinence, excessive fat restriction, not eating fried foods can lead to a state of body fat deficiency, long-term leading to some deficiency. essential nutrients. Because, fat is the solvent that dissolves to absorb important vitamins such as A, D, K, E, which are responsible for providing energy for the brain and body. On average, the adult body needs about 25-30g – equivalent to 5-6 teaspoons of fat per day.

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Eating a full range of 4 food groups with diverse processing methods helps the body absorb and metabolize nutrients more efficiently.

Actively owning a healthy heart starts with adjusting your diet

Let’s start by building the habit of choosing, gradually replacing heart-healthy foods to “load” into the body; add beneficial fats such as vegetable oils: rice oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil… to process dishes. In particular, using cooking oil from soybeans is a fairly popular choice that many women love because soybeans have many good uses for heart health, being likened to “the doctor of the heart”.

Dr. Dr. Pham Tran Linh also emphasized that soybean oil is a source of beneficial fats, does not contain cholesterol, and provides enough Omega-3, 6,9 nutrients to significantly reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, promote healthy growth and promote healthy growth. blood circulation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke and myocardial infarction. In addition, soybean oil contains a lot of vitamin E and natural phytosterols that help slow down the aging process, contributing to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

“Prestige mother” on the Vietnamese screen, People’s Artist Kim Xuan shared, her entire life as an actress, up to now, the daily schedule still revolves around the schedule of filming and going on and off, Kim Xuan often tells a few people. Young people: No matter how busy you are, you must maintain your health and eat properly to avoid the risk of illness. Only then will we stick to the profession for a long time and dedicate ourselves to many good works.

When she passed the age of 60, she always kept in mind that the heart has only one and nothing is more precious than having a healthy heart, so she is more and more proactive in learning ways to take care of her heart health and giving priority to only foods that are healthy. heart-healthy foods when possible. With that criterion, People’s Artist Kim Xuan chose Simply soybean oil to prepare a daily menu for the family.

When it was announced that Simply had become the most chosen soybean oil brand for 10 consecutive years, the artist boldly introduced it to friends by saying: “This further strengthens my family’s faith in love. more firmly, the product must be really good to be trusted so much, congratulations Simply and be proud of yourself for making the right choice to protect heart health for the whole family.”

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People’s Artist Kim Xuan believes in choosing Simply soybean oil to safely prepare heart-healthy meals for the family

Agreeing with the above point of view, Ms. Tram Dang (Hanoi) also said that all her success comes from choices that start with trust. As a housewife, she believes: “A healthy heart comes from your own habits and choices”, so she always chooses good ingredients to cook quality dishes, from the preparation Delicious dishes such as deep-fried for 3 children to the menu for parents-in-law are not only delicious but also have to ensure stable heart health. This is also the reason why Simply soybean oil has become “sincere” to help her confidently protect the health of herself and her family over the years.

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Ms. Tram Dang (Hanoi) has accompanied Simply soybean oil for many years to protect the health of herself and her family.

In addition to “Spirit”, taking care of “Spirit” and “Qi” is also essential for a healthy heart. A sedentary lifestyle can cause a lack of energy, or prolonged stress is also the root cause of many cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the time of mental work, physical activity and relaxation.

People can actively perform simple movements to prevent cardiovascular diseases such as changing their sitting position every 15-20 minutes, taking advantage of their lunch break to do gentle exercises, keeping their mind calm. cheerful, upbeat. These are also easy ways to protect your heart that can be applied to any situation.

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