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After Zhuge Liang passed away, how much property did he leave behind?

In ancient China, there were many people who could hold the position of Prime Minister and Prime Minister, but there were not many people who deserved to be called a famous general. Zhuge Liang is one of those few. Since Liu Bei’s death in Bach De Thanh, Luu Thien was only ten years old, had no experience in governing the country, all the responsibilities of the whole Shu country were placed on Zhuge Liang’s shoulders alone. Khong Minh stroked his beard, looked up at the blue sky with deep eyes, and tried to shoulder the heavy responsibility alone.

After Zhuge Liang passed away, how much property did he leave behind?  - Photo 1.

Image of character Zhuge Liang on film. Photo: Sohu

In his prose book “Examination of the Master”, Zhuge Liang introduced himself, as a farming farmer in Indonesia, his humble attitude made everyone admire. Following Luu Bei to fight in the four directions, not to gain fame and gain, nor did he ever think of having a lot of money, living in a tall house. If you want to gain fame and fortune, with the talent of Khong Minh, you can completely choose to follow Cao Cao or Ton Quyen, following them will definitely have better treatment than following Liu Bei.

After Liu Bei got a little better, he did not let Zhuge Liang suffer, the two almost ate together and slept together, regardless of the master and servant, all of Zhuge Liang’s ideas and advice were absorbed by Liu Bei. . As one of the founders of the Shu Han group, Zhuge Liang became the “second family” after Liu Bei, which can be considered equal to the position of Prime Minister, let alone the income of the country at that time. well, your annual salary is probably very good.

There is one point that can be certain that Khong Minh is an honest mandarin, with his dignity inherently unable to do things that embezzle and extract public property. Moreover, the bonuses and perks that the court bestowed on him were also many, and the land and gardens were not even mentioned. Even from the year 221 until the death of Khong Minh (in 234), serving as Prime Minister for 30 years, the fortune he accumulated was probably also a lot. So, after Zhuge Liang passed away, how much property was left behind? After knowing the truth, Luu Thien was moved to tears.

No matter how talented a person is, he still has to die in the end, Zhuge Liang who is smarter than him, of course, can’t escape this outcome. During the last Northern punishment, Zhuge Liang fell ill, tears fell from the corners of his eyes, not because he was afraid of death, but because he regretted that he had not yet fulfilled Liu Bei’s will. Feeling like he was close to the earth, far from heaven, Zhuge Liang asked someone to take out a pen and ink, write a letter to the late owner Luu Thien, also considered it as a death testament.

The content of this letter is not long, less than 150 words, divided into 2 parts. The first part, advises Luu Thien to have stricter requirements for himself in the future, to experience the sufferings of people in the world, not to be able to play like before. In the second part, Zhuge Liang reports on his property, 15 hectares of fields, in addition to more than 800 mulberry trees, and nothing more.

It sounds like Zhuge Liang is also quite rich, but with his position, this amount of property is quite modest, perhaps many perks have been donated to the army by him. After reading the letter, Luu Thien felt extremely surprised, even had doubts, sent someone to investigate, discovered that everything that the Prime Minister said was true, moved to tears.

Zhuge Liang is not only a Prime Minister, but also an excellent father. The most valuable property that he left to his descendants was not the land and fields, but the ideology of loyalty to the nation. His son Zhuge Liang and grandson Zhuge Liang both took to heart what he taught, and both eventually died on the battlefield in the fight against Dang Ngai’s attack, never making Zhuge Liang. shy.

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