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Akshay Kumar Comedy Scenes | back to back comedy | Entertainment | Tamannaah Bhatia, Johnny Lever|HD

The film begins with Akhil Lokande being paid for a commercial in which he gets into a fight as he didn’t receive the full amount of money promised. This continues with some other ads where Akhil constantly ends the fight when he gets a call and says he has to go somewhere. Then he comes to a shoot where Saakshi is shooting for her TV series. After their shoot is over, they go for a walk in the park and watch other couples. At the end of their walk, Akhil Saakshi proposes marriage. Akhil and Saakshi go to their father’s house, where they are told that he cannot marry Saakshi until Akhil becomes rich. Akhil goes to his film obsessed friend’s store. He tells him that he will visit his father in the hospital because he has chest pains. However, his father actually plays an actor and dances around with the nurse and only stays in the hospital because it has a service like a 5 star hotel. Akhil arrives just in time to hear and see this and goes to beat up his father as he reveals that Akhil is adopted and his real father wasn’t ready for a child so his mother left but became with one killed in train crash. Luckily, Akhil survived and was sent to live with his adoptive father. Then Akhil beats him up. He goes back to his house and opens the chest he never had before, which contains love letters from his real father to his mother and a locket with pictures of his father and mother. He finds out that his father is Pannalal Johri, a billionaire in Bangkok. Just as he finds this, news breaks out on TV that Pannalal Johri is dead and his 3000 crore will go to anyone who can prove he is related to Pannalal Johri. When he arrives at Johri Mansion, his father’s home in Bangkok, he discovers that a dog named “Entertainment” is the owner of Johri’s property. They try to kill Entertainment by making Akhil the caretaker of Entertainment but fail. Saakshi and her father surprise Akhil at the mansion and discover that Entertainment is the heir, prompting the father to declare that Saakshi will never marry Akhil. At that time, 2 brothers, Karan and Arjun, the 2 cousins ​​escape. Degrees by Johri, from prison. Karan and Arjun want to kill Akhil, assuming the dog will die in a few years anyway, while Akhil tries to kill Entertainment by drowning him under a thinly iced lake. Karan and Arjun hit the ground at the same time as Akhil, causing him to almost fall in, but Entertainment saved the former and fell into the lake instead. After much effort, Akhil fails to save the conversation, but suddenly the conversation gets out of the water and they develop feelings for each other. Akhil realizes his mistake and leaves the mansion. Karan and Arjun, citing that their attorney knows the judge very well, improperly acquire ownership of the entertainment – the dog. Akhil hears this news and returns. He swears he’ll get the entertainment property back. Akhil’s strategy is divide and conquer. He manages to get a job as a servant in the mansion now owned by Karan and Arjun. Akhil attempts to separate the two brothers by first introducing Saakshi, who separately seduces the two brothers. However, the plan fails as background music delights the two brothers. Akhil tries again to separate two brothers, this time by giving the wrong impression of the spirit of the conversation – the dog. The two brothers argue and accuse each other of illegally disguising themselves as entertainment. Akhil’s friends secretly record this conversation, however the CD fails and Karan and Arjun realize that this was all planned by Akhil. Entertainment runs with the CD. Karan, Arjun and their gang hunt the dog Akhil and his friends. Akhil manages to beat them all. Later, Karan shoots Akhil dead, but Entertainment takes the bullet by jumping in front of Akhil. Akhil gets angry and beats up Karan. Entertainment is taken to the hospital and saved after the operation. Karan and Arjun come to apologize and are forgiven. Akhil and Saakshi are getting married while Entertainment is also getting married to a female dog. Entertainment and the dog are shown to help Akhil and Saakshi’s children and vice versa. Subscribe Now for Latest Bollywood Funniest Scenes and Songs Login to our Official Website:


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