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Asia – Pacific has the opportunity to be ahead in the digital economy

The 5G hospital cooperation between Siriraj Hospital and Huawei is an emerging technology application model for Asia – TBD

Research firm International Data Corp (IDC) predicts that at least 65% of Asia-Pacific’s GDP will be digitized this year, and one in three companies will generate more than 30% of revenue from products. and digital services by 2023.

Aware of the region’s potential, Huawei has continuously made significant investments to help businesses in Asia-Pacific digitally transform to be more agile and seize opportunities in the digital economy.

Mr. Simon Lin, President of Huawei Asia Pacific said: “The region is a strategic market for the company as most countries are showing their determination to compete in the digital economy. have all developed clear policies and driven initiatives to get more local businesses involved in driving their digital transformation.”

For example, Singapore announced in Budget 2022 with a plan of $200 million to be dedicated over the next few years to enhance the island nation’s digital capabilities by helping businesses adopt digital solutions. advanced numbers and improve the skills of workers.

To thrive in the digital economy requires the creative use of different technologies, it is impractical to rely on just one vendor to be a digital-first organization.

“Huawei wants to be an important contributor to the Asia-Pacific digital economy. This is why we want to establish a digital ecosystem with our partners and customers. ,and focus on nurturing digital talent.We also want to invest more R&D activities globally and localized for Asia Pacific region to deliver more value and help businesses business here became the first number,” said Mr. Lin.

Huawei not only provides various technologies to its customers, but also works closely with organizations across industries in Asia Pacific to find business opportunities for new technologies. floating, especially 5G.

This is evidenced in the multi-year partnership with Thailand’s Siriraj Hospital. Last December, Huawei jointly launched the 5G Smart Hospital project, which aims to provide a more efficient and convenient patient experience by using technologies including 5G, cloud and AI. . In addition, Siriraj Hospital and Huawei will establish a joint innovation lab to incubate and promote 30 5G medical applications this year. As of December 2021, both sides have begun piloting 5G mobile medical boxes, 5G driverless cars, 5G medical vehicles, and 5G smart hospital beds.

With experience in helping customers use technology in transformative ways, Lin added that Huawei is best positioned to help organizations in Asia Pacific build business opportunities and equip them best practices for adopting emerging technologies. This can give traditional industries and conservative organizations the confidence to transform and take advantage of the digital economy.

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