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Asian expert predicts unimaginable scenario in U23 Vietnam’s group game

After the second match of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, the situation in Group C has become very unpredictable when both U23 Vietnam, U23 Thailand and U23 Korea have the opportunity to enter the quarterfinals.

Asian experts predict the unlikely scenario in the group of U23 Vietnam - Photo 1.

Can Thailand U23 and Vietnam U23 hold hands in the quarterfinals? Photo: VFF

U23 Vietnam was forced to win against Malaysia U23 to raise hopes of going on. Meanwhile, Thailand and Korea will have to fight to determine their fate.

Therefore, the last match of Group C is receiving a lot of attention from experts as well as regional fans.

ESPN’s Gabriel Tan made very unexpected predictions about the scenario that would happen in the third match of the group with the presence of U23 Vietnam.

This expert said: “U23 Vietnam will beat U23 Malaysia with a score of 3-0, and U23 Thailand will draw 1-1 with U23 Korea. A very interesting scenario.

At that time, both Thailand U23, Vietnam U23, and South Korea U23 will have the same 5 points and a +3 goal difference.

However, the two Southeast Asian teams will win the right to the quarterfinals because their number of goals and defeat is 3-3, while that of South Korea is only 2-2.

Although highly appreciative of the kimchi team, expert Gabriel Tan also believes that U23 Thailand will follow in the footsteps of Vietnam U23 into the quarterfinals.

“Admittedly, Thailand U23 is far behind Korea U23 in terms of class. Although coming from the end of 2018 and possessing outstanding talent like Suphanat Mueanta, this is a very difficult match.

However, a mighty Korean U23 was also stopped by Vietnam U23. Careful play helped coach Gong Oh-kyun’s army restrain the opponent.

Malaysia U23 was eliminated early but at least Southeast Asia will have a team in the quarterfinals. Even the two remaining representatives. That is the price to pay for the defending champion,” said Mr. Gabriel Tan.

According to the schedule, both matches in Group C of the AFC U23 Championship 2022 will take place at 8 pm on June 8.

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