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Asking for an old sofa, the woman discovered the secret under the mattress

Just asked for an old sofa set, this woman did not expect to receive such a great bargain.

Ms. Vicky Umodu currently lives in Colton, California (USA). Because she had a need to buy furniture for a new house, she visited a website that sells used furniture. While searching, Mrs. Vickey suddenly found information that a family wanted to give away two sofas for free. However, it was the items that their deceased loved one used.

At first, Mrs. Vickey was afraid that it was an advertising trick, so she called directly to confirm.

ghe sofa 145
The sofa that Mrs. Vickey was given

“I just moved here and I don’t have any furniture in the house. I was very happy so I quickly went to pick up the sofa and take it home,” said Mrs. Vickey.

But when she cleaned the chair, she noticed something strange. There was something lumpy in the seat cushion. At first, she thought it was just thermal pads, but when she unlocked the mattress, she found a pile of envelopes containing a lot of cash, up to 36,000 USD (about 835 million VND).

ghe sofa1 146
Sofa cushions filled with cash in envelopes (Image: ABC7)

To her surprise, she shouted with joy. But then, instead of keeping all the money for herself, Ms. Vickey called the family that gave her the chair to return the entire amount.

“God is so good to me and my children. We are living a happy, healthy life, so what more can I ask for? This is not my money, I need to give it back…”, Mrs. Vickey said.

ghe sofa2 147
The sofa is hiding an expensive secret (Image: ABC7)

The family of the person who donated the chair was extremely grateful to Mrs. Vickey’s heart. They also said that relatives had hidden money in several places in the house but never had such a large amount. To thank Mrs. Vickey, they gave her 2,200 dollars (about 51 million dong).

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