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Atochi is committed to quality and affirms its position

With the journey of building a brand and building trust from product quality, Atochi has constantly learned, changed and improved to produce quality products that meet the increasing expectations of consumers. With the motto of taking quality and customer satisfaction as the foundation for development, Atochi increasingly holds a firm position in the hearts of consumers.

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Atochi – building a brand by product quality

Atochi is a famous brand in the market for massage chairs and treadmills with trendy designs and modern features. To achieve today’s success, it is the efforts and efforts of a whole team, always consistent with the goal of “building a brand by product quality”.

Atochi always aims for a world “rich in health – rich in happiness” for Vietnamese people. It is easy to say, but in order to stand firm in the fiercely competitive market, Atochi also encountered many difficulties in promoting and introducing products to be well received by consumers.

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Atochi towards a life rich in health and happiness

With the motto of product development with quality and dedicated after-sales service, Atochi aims for sustainable and long-term development. With product quality as the center first, Atochi focuses on designs, features and prices to meet the increasing tastes and needs of users. Currently, Atochi develops its focus on two product lines of treadmills and full body massage chair. And these are also really necessary products, bringing practical effects in helping to improve physical and mental health for everyone.

Because of the busy life and daily pressure, taking care and relaxing after working and studying is extremely necessary for everyone to “recharge” the body. And Atochi massage chair is a safe solution for everyone’s health. With delicate design, elegant colors, comfortable materials, Atochi massage chair is not only a product for relaxing massage but also helps to raise the level of home interior space. The highlight of the Atochi massage chair is to let you experience the true massage technique, which is both comfortable and effective in relaxation, reducing pain and fatigue quickly. Whether in the segment of cheap massage chairs, or high-end products, you can easily choose the right massage chair for the whole family.

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Atochi massage chair lets you live every moment

Atochi massage chair products are imported CBU, product quality is strictly censored from design, material, product features to suit tastes and meet diverse needs of users. Every stage of design, quality testing to production is closely supervised by experienced professionals.

The core element of the Atochi massage chair is the flexibility in the movement of the roller and the airbag. Atochi’s massage chair is integrated with multi-dimensional massage technology from 3D massage to advanced 6D massage with extremely flexible roller movement that performs a variety of massage movements such as pressing, rubbing, kneading, massaging, percussion. flexible, delicate. The large sized air bags, embracing the soft spots on the body, combined with the rollers to create precise and effective massage programs in each movement. In addition to traditional massage techniques, Atochi massage chairs also bring you the experience of shiatsu massage programs – Japanese, Thai stretching massage, Swedish massage… Thanks to the intelligent handling system in the chair installed. Ready to create precise massage programs that bring comfort and relaxation in each massage movement. Atochi’s massage chair models such as G99 Plus, G50, G20, G46, G379, G46, AT-112… are currently the products that dominate the market and are purchased, used and appreciated by customers.

Besides massage chair products, Atochi also distributes products treadmill Quality home at a favorable price. The price is only from 9,900,000 VND or more, and you already own a multi-function treadmill with a variety of exercise programs, customizable speed, incline… Effective in losing weight, keeping fit as well as improving overall health. Prominent as treadmill products Atochi AT-316, AT-318, AT-328…

Bringing a trustworthy and dedicated shopping experience to customers

Among thousands of suppliers of sports equipment and health care products, Atochi has brought the difference in product diversity, ensuring the quality standards of the manufacturer as well as the honesty in the products. business. Since then, Atochi has received the trust of consumers, “good news from afar”, gradually subconsciously customers have remembered Atochi – a reputable and quality brand of massage chairs and treadmills.

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Along with developing quality and stabilizing prices, Atochi also invests in developing a professional and enthusiastic customer care team. This is also a team of well-trained staff in both professional knowledge and professional service style to support quick and accurate advice.

Atochi is constantly expanding its system nationwide and aims to reach 150 branches in 2022 to meet the increasing demands of consumers. Atochi with quality commitment, genuine warranty up to 6 years, lifetime maintenance, home delivery is a reliable choice to choose quality products for the family.

Atochi, a reputable brand for Vietnamese health, currently has a summer promotion program with a discount of up to 40% applied across the entire Atochi branch system. For quick updates on new products and attractive promotions, contact us now:

Atochi Vietnam

Website: https://atochi.vn/

Hotline: 0919.165.185

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/atochivietnam/

Atochi showroom system: https://atochi.vn/showroom.html


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