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Baby items you definitely don’t want to miss this summer

Occasion vacation The children’s children have arrived, surely this is the time when mothers prepare for their children to travel, right? So, before you go, please see the baby deals below to make the trip complete!

Baby items you definitely don’t want to miss this summer

Duck shaped swim float

Summer is definitely indispensable for swimming, right? Therefore, please immediately buy your children lovely swimming floats so that they can comfortably wade in the water.

This duck-shaped swimming float will help your baby float on the water naturally and create a comfortable position for her to freely struggle in the water. The float has a smart design, convenient inflatable nozzle, can be neatly folded when not in use. The material of the float is PVC plastic, safe to use. In addition, the float also has a handle to increase the safety of the baby.

[Box tag giá] – Duck shaped swim float

Baby life jacket

Besides swimming floats, mothers can also choose to buy life jackets for their children. With a life jacket, children can practice swimming or play in the water while still being safe. On Lazada, there are many models of life jackets for mothers to choose for their children.

This baby life jacket has dimensions of 41 x 30cm and is suitable for children from 1.5 to 3 years old and about under 20kg. The life jacket has thick material, durable and does not fade with use. This life jacket is also extremely convenient when traveling because it can be deflated and folded, safe for babies when swimming in the pool or going to the beach with the 3-way independent one-way valve system on the shirt.

[Box tag giá] – Baby life jacket

3-wheel bike

For children from 2 to 6 years old, this is the time when they are in the process of perfecting their brain and motor skills. Therefore, mothers can buy their children a 3-wheel bicycle to help them practice balance and move all parts of the body.

This 3-wheeled bicycle with a lovely ladybug shape will help children have fun indoors or outdoors. The car has dimensions of 70 x 55 x 45cm and has many colors suitable for both boys from 2 to 5 years old.

The front of the car has a cute bug-shaped storage basket. The handlebars and saddle are designed to be adjusted according to the size of each child. Wide seat, made of high quality sturdy plastic.

[Box tag giá] – 3-wheel bike

Basketball set

Summer vacation is also the time when parents let their children participate in sports activities to exercise. In which, basketball will be a subject to help children move their limbs, develop intelligence and physical strength, especially height.

Suggest a set of basketball toys for your children to have more sports activities this summer. The basketball toy set has diverse and lovely designs with animal images such as tigers, frogs, monkeys, and bears that will surely please children. The product includes 1 hanging board, 1 basket, 1 ball, 1 inflatable very easy to use.

[Box tag giá] – Basketball play set

Smiling kite

Kite flying will be an activity that children will love. In the afternoon, when it is less sunny and windy, this is a reasonable time to fly a kite. Kite flying is not only fun but also gives children the opportunity to exercise.

These adorable smiley-faced kites will make kite flying fun for the whole family. The kite is made of fabric, has a size of 90 x 50cm and can be folded when not in use.

[Box tag giá] – Smiley kite

Baby suitcase

Preparing suitcases for children when traveling will be a way to help them take responsibility for their luggage, practice carefulness and independence. Pretty suitcases for children are not only a meaningful gift but also a companion for children in the first years of life to explore the world.

Mothers can refer to EGGY’s plastic children’s suitcase. The product includes 2 basic models suitable for boys and girls. The suitcase has an egg-shaped design made of ABS plastic that can withstand strong impacts and is easy to clean when it gets dusty. This backpack is also water resistant and very durable.

[Box tag giá] – Suitcase for baby

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