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Buying medicine to help me gain weight, my mother was shocked when the doctor said it was a cure for disease

Because let me quickly weight gain Many mothers have passed on a very effective weight gainer for children. However, they do not know that doing so unintentionally harms their children.

Doctor Nguyen Thanh Sang, City Children’s Hospital (Ho Chi Minh) said that in the process of consulting and treating pediatric patients, the doctor received many shares and questions from parents about buying drugs to increase their health. weight for children. In it, there is a prescription that the doctor “panic” because if used for a long time for children, it will be very dangerous later.

It was an unlabeled medicine bag in a bubble bag, when the doctor checked the medicine bag there was a zinc tube, a B-series vitamin, a corticoid, a calcium tablet… This is a medicine advertised and sold to help children gain weight quickly within 1 month.

Also according to Dr. Sang, this medicine bag contains corticosteroids and the mechanism is to use corticosteroids to stimulate eating and cause water retention, so when children drink, their face swells up due to water retention and looks fat. In addition, when taking this medicine, I see that my child eats better (because zinc helps children eat better), parents are very happy because using this medicine, seeing that their child eats well, their face is plump (due to water retention). I mistakenly put on weight. If a mother is observant, she will see that although her face is chubby, her face will be very heavy.

Buying medicine to help me gain weight, my mother was shocked when the doctor said it was a medicine - Photo 1.

Image of a bag of weight gain pills passed on by mothers to their children (photo provided by BS)

Also according to doctor Sang corticosteroids main effect is to treat inflammation, used when prescribed by a doctor. Corticosteroids, in addition to the positive side of reducing inflammation, also have some side effects such as stimulation of eating and water retention. However, if the drug is used for a long time, it often leads to other consequences such as brittle bones, cushing syndrome, beard growth in girls, big breasts in boys…

‘Corticosteroids are not bad. But it must be used correctly, and using corticosteroids to stimulate eating and water retention makes parents think that their child’s weight gain is unscientific,’ Dr. Sang shared.

In addition, Dr. Sang also noted, there are many mothers when their children have a problem, instead of consulting a doctor or reputable associations/groups set up by doctors for advice, they like to do it on their own. Buy these and other tonics for your child to take. An anorexic child only works hard to find drugs that “stimulate the appetite” but does not care if the mother and child have “disciplined the table”, then pushes the child around the neighborhood, gives the iphone, ipad, turns on the TV… to “seduce” the child to eat.

Therefore, according to Dr. Sang, when a child has a health problem, the mother should ask the question “why is the child so?” Don’t ask the question “what should my child add?”. Because more than anyone else, the mother is the one who feels the child’s problems best.

Here are the milestones parents need to keep in mind about the standard of physiological growth of their baby’s weight to help mothers be more confident when raising their children without having to depend on feelings.

The first 3 months of life: each month increase by 0.6-1.0 kg/month if exclusively breastfed or using formula From 3-6 months: 0.3-0.5kg/month each month, and this period has some babies eating solids from 4 months old. From 6-12 months: increase 0.2-0.3kg/month per month. After 1 year old: Depending on the ability, each baby gains from 1-2kg/year.

(Note: The rate of weight gain will decrease by 50% each stage, the bigger the baby, the slower the weight gain, it is physiological and parents do not need to worry too much to hunt for unsafe weight gain drugs for their children. quality).

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