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Can USB become a danger to the computer?

If you don’t know where the USB is coming from, don’t touch it. Secure USBs you own and buy yourself, and keep them exclusive to devices you trust. This means not using them with public computers that could be compromised.

You can purchase a USB that allows you to restrict write permissions, which you can lock before connecting (to prevent malware write to your drive). Some drives come with a passcode or physical key that hides the USB connection so that no one other than you can use it.

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Malware can destroy your data, and some will steal your personal information, bank accounts, and then destroy the operating system on your computer. Some malware is designed to encrypt your data in a way that makes it unrecoverable, and the best defense against any kind of data loss is to always have a solid backup solution. sure. Ideally, you should have at least one local backup and one remote backup.

When transferring files between computers or personal devices, cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud Drive are more convenient and secure than USB devices. Large files can still cause problems, but there are dedicated cloud storage services for sending and receiving large files that you can switch to.

In situations where shared memory cannot be avoided, make sure other parties are aware of the danger and are taking steps to protect themselves (and you by extension). Running some sort of anti-malware software is a good start, especially if you’re using Windows.

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Linux users can install USBGuard and use simple whitelisting and blacklisting to allow and block access on a case-by-case basis. With Linux malware on the rise, USBGuard is a simple and free tool you can use to enhance your protection against malware.


For most people, USB malware poses little threat due to the way cloud storage has replaced physical devices. By taking simple precautions like not placing random USB drives in your computer, you can eliminate almost any risk.

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