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Canada warns of monkeypox-related travel for many countries

On June 8 (Vietnam time), Canada advised its citizens to exercise caution while traveling to more than 20 countries, including Australia, the UK and the US, and warned they face the risk of being delayed in entry if they contract monkeypox.

Canada warns travel related to monkeypox for many countries - Photo 1

Vaccination against monkeypox in Montreal, Quebec on 6/6


The notice is at level two, just below the level that advises citizens to avoid unnecessary departures from countries on the warning list, Reuters reported.

Accordingly, the Public Health Agency of Canada said that this country’s citizens could become the subject of procedures to prevent the risk of spreading the virus. monkey poxincluding isolation, if they get sick.

“Do you have limited access to timely and appropriate access to the case of monkeypox virus, and possible delays in your return to Canada,” Public Health Canada said on its website. Twitter.

To date, about 30 countries where monkeypox is not endemic have reported outbreaks. More than 911 confirmed or suspected cases have been recorded, mainly in Europe.

In the United States, genetic analysis of several recent cases of monkeypox shows that there are two different strains of the virus spreading in the country, meaning the virus has likely been spreading quietly for some time.

Canada confirmed 81 cases, most of them concentrated in the province Quebec.

The disease is spread through close contact and the first case appeared in monkeys, hence the name monkey smallpox.

To date, there have been no deaths in the US or Europe from monkeypox. However, this could change if the virus begins to spread in people who are more susceptible, like children or people with weakened immune systems, as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns.CDC).

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