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China offers up to $15,000 reward for reporting security threats

China is offering rewards of up to $15,000 to citizens who report actions deemed a threat to national security.

China rewards up to $ 15,000 for people who report threats to security - Photo 1

The Great Hall of the People, where the Chinese party congress will be held later this year


South China Morning Post On June 8, citing the announcement of China’s Ministry of State Security (Ministry of National Security) on June 6, a new regulation setting out the criteria for awarding has been introduced. This regulation takes effect immediately.

Accordingly, any citizen who reports a clear target or verifiable lead in relation to actions unknown to the state and deemed harmful to National security will be eligible for the reward after the information is confirmed by the investigator.

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Security said the regulation will encourage citizens to report threats and this is a security measure ahead of time. party Congress later this year.

Under the new rules, there are four levels of rewards for informants. Providing clues at the lowest level can earn the source a reward of less than 10,000 yuan (about 1,500 USD). Meanwhile, clues at the top level – considered “extremely important” – can help the source pocket more than 100,000 yuan (about 15,000 USD).

An informant can report clues, either anonymously or anonymously, by phone, email, letter, or in person.

The regulation also states that to protect informants, the source’s workplace or organization will be penalized for any retaliation or concealment of evidence from the national security police. However, the regulation does not detail the penalty.

The new regulation comes after a 37-year-old man was arrested by national security police in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou in April. The man is accused of colluding with the forces. overseas, using the Internet to incite separatism and overthrow the state.

According to Chinese state media, the man, surnamed Ma. Mr. Ma is a hardware research and development director of a company Information Technology. Official documents accuse Mr. Ma of using “external forces” to overthrow the Chinese government.

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