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Chinese university fired male employee who went online to slander women

A university in China has decided to fire a male employee for making comments on social media that slander women. This person believes that female employees are lazy and use children and family responsibilities as an excuse to avoid work.

In a statement made public on Weibo on June 7, the Normal School of Ningbo University in eastern China’s Zhejiang province announced that it had fired a male employee with the surname Li, after “complaints This person’s inappropriate comments” cause “deep hurt”.

Chinese University fired male staff who went online to slander women - Photo 1.

A male employee at the university was fired for speaking ill of women online. (Photo: SCMP)

“Women usually just cause trouble. They like to use the pretext of taking care of their family and children. That’s why employers don’t want to hire women,” Li once commented on WeChat.

“The bottom line is that women shouldn’t let their male colleagues do more of their work, just because women need to take care of their families and children. Women should not take this for granted. Women should not see this as an excuse. Women should be ashamed to ask male colleagues to do their work for them,” continued Li.

“I want to say to these women, ‘Why don’t they give their salary to their male colleagues?, Why don’t they exchange feelings with their male colleagues?, and ‘Why can’t they have children? do they call their male colleagues ‘father’?”, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) quoted Li’s disgruntled comment.

The above comments were written by Li a few days after receiving the decision to resign.

Li later posted an apology on WeChat and said that he wrote criticisms of women while “depressed”.

On June 5, Ningbo University announced that Li had been suspended from work to serve the investigation process. And the next day (June 6), Li was officially fired.

Li’s insulting words against women made the Chinese public extremely angry.

“His words make me feel extremely frustrated”, or “I think he should go somewhere where no women live and build an empire of his own”, are two of many. Chinese netizens’ comments.

Since the #MeToo movement spread a few years ago, cases of gender-based violence, sexual violence and sexual harassment against women have been exposed more and more in China.

In May 2021, China’s Internet giant NetEase fired a human resources manager for posting sexist job advertisements that said it would help male candidates drug and rape them. rape female colleague. According to the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, he posted an ad on WeChat with a photo of his colleagues, most of them female, and his face clearly visible in the photo.

“Which of my female colleagues do you like? Send her your CV and I’ll help you flirt with her. Please pass your resume to me. I can even help you put drugs in your drink and then rape her,” the former head of human resources at NetEase once wrote on WeChat.

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