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Clues about dead aliens-Information Technology

‘Hell currents’ have just been identified beneath a planet that is thought to have once had life but is now extinct.

Research led by the Australian National University (ANU) shows that magma bogs in the Martian mantle could be the cause of earthquakes – a phenomenon that once startled scientists when studying the planet. that it is “dead”.

According to SciTech Daily, scientists have identified 47 concentrations of small seismic pulses on Mars that have never been recorded before.

47 "swamp swamps": Clues about dead aliens - 1

Explaining the root of strange seismic pulses on Mars could help scientists get closer to the event that the loss of the magnetosphere marked the mass extinction of alien creatures – Photo: NASA

What constitutes them is not tectonic activity as previously suspected, but rather a form of volcanic activity, the convection of the underground magma (molten rock) swamps below. In other words, the red planet’s mantle isn’t quiet at all.

This creates another puzzling: If Mars’ mantle is still active from the “hell currents”, there must be another cause for the planet’s loss of its magnetic field – usually created caused by a tight sequence of activities in the planet’s core and also in its mantle.

It’s the same excitement on Earth, in the underworld beneath our feet, that gives the planet its magnetosphere. And it is thanks to the magnetosphere that life on Earth has the opportunity to escape harmful radiation from the universe to be born, survive and develop.

“If convection is still happening, based on our findings, there must be another mechanism preventing the magnetic field from developing on Mars,” said Professor Hrvoje Tkalcic from the School of Earth Sciences. ANU, the study’s lead author, explains.

This discovery is a major step forward in the method of exclusion that scientists around the world are aiming to find out how and when Mars loses its magnetic field, thereby getting closer to the world of aliens. exist not far from us.

Because the phenomenon of losing the magnetic field is very likely to mark the death of aliens – because scientists, especially NASA, have always believed that Mars once had life and then went extinct.

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