Coach Gong Oh-kyun replaced all 5 midfielders

Coach Gong Oh-kyun announced 11 main players on the side U23 Vietnam in the competition with Malaysia U23 at 8 pm tonight 8/6. Keeping the goal is Quan Van Chuan – the goalkeeper played excellently in the 1-1 draw with Korea U23. Van Chuan has 4 saves in ten situations and is expected to continue to play firmly in this match.

Above Van Chuan is a familiar four defenders: Phan Tuan Tai, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Nguyen Thanh Binh and Vu Tien Long.

Vietnam U23 squad vs Malaysia U23: Coach Gong Oh-kyun replaces all 5 midfielders - 1

Vietnam U23 squad.

If Tuan Tai and Tien Long are having a tournament of a lifetime when imprinting their shoes on the goals of U23 Vietnam, Thanh Binh and Viet Anh represent experience. In the previous match, both of them continuously hit the ball to break the streak of scoring at least 3 goals per game that U23 Korea could do.

In the midfield, Dung Quang Nho plays the role of a defensive midfielder, supporting his teammates in the upline including Nguyen Hai Long, Nguyen Thanh Nhan, Tran Van Cong and Huynh Cong Den. Thus, Coach Gong completely changed the midfield in this match. The position of the striker belongs to Nham Manh Dung.

If the Korean U23 vs Thailand U23 match is won or lost, or there is a 0-0, 1-1 draw, U23 Vietnam only needs to win against Malaysia U23 to be sure to have a ticket to continue. If South Korea U23 draws with Thailand U23 with a score of 2-2, U23 Vietnam needs to win against Malaysia U23 by more than 3 goals, or win by 3 goals but score 4 or more goals (4-1, 5-2). ,…).

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