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Coach Gong Oh-kyun: ‘The credit belongs to the Vietnamese U.23 players’

Coach Gong Oh-kyun once again expressed his appreciation to the students of U.23 Vietnam team after defeating Malaysia U.23 2-0 in the last leg of Group C on the evening of 8.6 to win tickets to the quarterfinals of the finals. U.23 Asia 2022.

In this match, U.23 Vietnam team dominated the game with the flexibility of the attack. The advantage of coach Gong Oh-kyun’s students was rewarded with 2 goals in the first half thanks to the work of Nham Manh Dung and Viet Anh (penalty kick). Meanwhile, U.23 Malaysia was even more difficult when there were only 10 people left to play because Hakim bin Mama received a red card after a handball in the penalty area resulted in a penalty in the first half of injury time.

Coach Gong Oh-kyun appreciates the students of Vietnam U.23 team


After the match, coach Gong Oh-kyun said: “Today we got our first win and entered the quarter-finals. I was very impressed with the performance of the players. Before the tournament no one thought we could do it. But now it’s achieved. I don’t do anything here. The credit belongs to the players. The coaching staff, the doctors have helped the team a lot. I appreciate them.”

Explaining the replacement of all midfield in this match, the coach who Korea confidently said: “I’ve been thinking about the next game. Before the match I have a plan for this match about personnel. I have no special reason. The players are all physically and professionally good, so I changed.”

The joy of U.23 Vietnam team


Coach Gong Oh-kyun also shared about why the U.23 team in Vietnam did not celebrate after the match: “That’s why we haven’t celebrated. Because the team still has matches ahead”.

A 2-0 victory over Malaysia U.23 helped U.23 Vietnam get 5 points and come second in Group C after South Korea U.23 (7 points), the team beat Thailand U.23 1-0 in the match. same hour. In the quarterfinals taking place on June 12, U.23 Vietnam will meet the top team of Group D, in which it will most likely be U.23 Japan or U.23 Saudi Arabia at Lokomotiv Stadium (Tashkent).

Assessing the opponent in the quarter-finals, the Korean leader said: “Every team is difficult. Every opponent is good, it’s not easy. We will rest and prepare.”

Nham Manh Dung shines


Coach Gong Oh-kyun then answered on how to make the team attack more effective than before this tournament: “Actually, the players’ offensive ability is good. I just guide the players. I there’s no special training session we focus on recovery then it counts I asked the players what they wanted they said they wanted to reach a higher level I understood and wanted to take them to new places .

Meanwhile, midfielder Hai Long was quite excited when the U.23 team of Vietnam entered the quarterfinals and was awarded the best player of the match: “I’m very happy, the team won and entered the quarterfinals. The team will prepare. I have to focus on the next match. Lately I have had a difficult time due to not being able to play, but I have to try my best. I was also quite surprised to be awarded the best player of the match. In this match, there were many players. better player than me. I would like to dedicate the victory to the fans from far away. We will fight hard in the next match.”

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