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South Korea U23, U23 Vietnam and Thailand U23 are creating a three-horse race worth watching in Group C of the tournament U23 Asia 2022. After 2 matches, Korea U23 is not superior to the two Southeast Asian representatives despite being the defending champion of the tournament.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong’s team was once predicted to pass the group stage easily, but developments on the field showed the opposite because U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand also played very well.

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U23 Korea is not sure to continue.

After winning 4-1 against U23 Malaysia, U23 Korea dropped 2 points against U23 Vietnam. Even this is a match where if the students of Coach Gong Oh-kyun better took advantage of the opportunity in the last minutes, the Korean U23 would have had to hold a grudge.

Korea U23 is still very strong with a comprehensive play, attacking smoothly from the middle to the two border corridors. With an even array of attacking players such as Oh Se Hun, Cho Young Wook, Jeong Sang Bin, Eom Jin Sung, Park Jeong Bin, the kimchi team is the most appreciated in the group, even the league in terms of ability. attack the opponent’s goal.

However, the stalemate match against U23 Vietnam showed that Korea U23’s ability to convert opportunities into goals was problematic. Not to mention, teachers and coaches Hwang Sun-hong also had some distracting moments when pushing the offensive line up.

The goal in the match against Malaysia U23, or the red card of Lee Jin Yong, showed that the Korean U23 defense was vulnerable when it spilled into the opponent’s field to impose the game.

This is a weakness that Thailand U23 can take advantage of, because compared to U23 Vietnam and U23 Thailand, coach Worrawoot Srimaka’s team is more appreciated in the ball rotation stage and diverse in attack.

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U23 Thailand has an even attacking team.

Thailand U23 is in the running after a 3-0 victory over Malaysia U23. The star class of Benjamin Davies, Suphanat Muenta, Kritsada Kaman is shown in the ability to impose the game, corner the opponent in a corner of the ring and then strike.

Of course, Thailand U23 is difficult to play in such a way against Korea U23 which is at a much higher level. The Golden Temple team can play moderately and calculate, because as long as they don’t lose to Korea U23, they will be in the quarterfinals. The advantage is in favor of Thailand U23, so in the Korean U23 game, they have to turn up, counter-attacking is the right choice.

With attacks that sniff the space and choose wise positions like Suphanat or Davies, Thailand U23 is enough to create danger for the Korean U23 defense. Teacher and coach Srimaka will draw this match, causing U23 Korea to anxiously wait for the match U23 Vietnam vs U23 Malaysia to decide the fate.

Guess: 2-2

The match U23 Korea vs U23 Thailand takes place at 8pm tonight 8/6 and is reported live on VTC News, invite you to pay attention.

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