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Concerned about high-tech cheating in high school graduation exams

Situations and solutions to deal with fraud were carefully discussed by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Public Security and the provinces in this morning’s meeting to prepare for the 2022 high school graduation exam.

At an online conference on the work of the high school graduation exam organized by the Ministry of Education and Training on June 8, Mr. Cao Xuan Hung, Director of the Department of Education and Training of Nam Dinh province, said that this year the whole province has nearly 19,900 candidates took the exam at 35 points. Currently, the province has almost completed the preparation of facilities, ensuring the organization of a safe and serious exam. However, he still has many concerns, including that contestants use high-tech devices to cheat.

According to Mr. Hung, this situation is getting more and more complicated. Exam officials, even though they have been trained, still find it difficult to detect sophisticated frauds. He asked the Ministry of Education and Training to coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security to forecast and guide possible situations.

A representative of the education sector in Ha Tinh also shared similar concerns. Especially this year, due to the influence of Covid-19, contestants still wear masks. This item can make it easier to bring the transceiver into the exam room.

Pea earphones used to cheat exams.  Photo: PA03 Hanoi City Police

Pea headphones used to cheat exams have been warned by the Hanoi Police. Image: PA03 Hanoi City Police

Major General Le Minh Manh, Deputy Director of the Department of Cybersecurity and High-Tech Crime Prevention and Control (A05 of the Ministry of Public Security), commented Local concerns are well-founded because the situation of buying and selling camouflage recording equipment still exists and cheating with high-tech equipment still occurs in exams.

Manh took the example of 2021, when the police discovered a fraud case using high-tech equipment with careful preparation, diverse equipment and sophisticated tricks. 23 people were arrested on that occasion.

In this case, the fraud process is well calculated. Candidates use the button camera (mounted on the shirt like a button) to take pictures of the exam question, then take the picture out through an intermediary device. When the problem is solved, the answer will be transmitted through the pea headset. These devices are all very small, making it difficult for exam officials to detect.

The authorities realized that remote control transmitters can basically receive signals from a distance of 20-25 m, so they alerted the Ministry of Education and Training. In guiding the organization of the high school graduation exam in 2022, the Ministry requires localities to ensure this distance between the exam room and the place where candidates’ personal items are stored.

Major General Le Minh Manh shared at an online conference held by the Ministry of Education and Training on July 8.  Photo: MOET

Major General Le Minh Manh shared at an online conference held by the Ministry of Education and Training on July 8. Image: MOET

According to the regulations, candidates can bring in audio and video recorders that only have the function of recording information but cannot listen, watch and cannot transmit or receive live audio or video signals. This is so that candidates can monitor the seriousness and objectivity in the exam room.

However, Mr. Manh suggested that candidates do not bring such devices in because it is difficult to assess whether the device transmits and receives information or not. Not only exam officials, even experts are difficult to detect.

Mr. Manh proposed the Ministry of Education and localities to strengthen propaganda on the pre-exam regulations; especially emphasizing that leaving, revealing, or copying exam questions during the test is a violation of the criminal law on protection of state secrets.

Deputy Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Huu Do noted that localities need to arrange suitable locations, for example, exam rooms should not be near people’s houses because cheaters can install high-tech equipment in their homes instead. because at the test point.

The high school graduation exam will take place in two days 7-8/7. The Ministry of Education and Training will set up 63 inspection teams to all localities. The team leader and members are leaders, officials and lecturers of universities. The Departments of Education and Training also inspect and check every stage to ensure that the exam takes place seriously and safely.

Speaking at the conference, Minister Nguyen Kim Son said that this year’s exam was held basically the same as last year, according to the old method, but parents and students were “new”. Therefore, the units need to jointly consider all the conditions related to the exam so that everything goes well.

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