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Dan Truong, Thuy Tien: After divorce is friendship

Singer Dan Truong and businessman Thuy Tien accompanies their work, taking care of their son – baby Thien Tu, after the divorce.

At the end of May, the singer’s ex-wife brought their two sons back from the US to travel and visit relatives. At the launch of the bilingual book by Thuy Tien and Thien Tu Me + You = Happiness At Hanoi, Dan Truong appeared to support the spirit of mother and daughter.

Dan Truong took his son to volunteer

Dan Truong took his son to volunteer in Ho Chi Minh City on June 5. Video: Tam Giao

During two weeks in her hometown, knowing her ex-husband was busy with shows, Thuy Tien took care of her son. She takes her to places like: Hoi An, Da Nang… In addition, she spends time with her ex-husband doing community projects and filming videos.

Although they are no longer husband and wife, the two said they always support each other. On June 6, Dan Truong organized a charity trip, giving gifts to orphans and disabled children in Ho Chi Minh City, Thuy Tien and Thien Tu attended. The overseas Vietnamese businesswoman contributed with her ex-husband many gifts for the children such as shoes, sandals, T-shirts and bilingual books. During the trip, Thuy Tien guided her children to give gifts to orphans so that Dan Truong could freely talk and interact with people. “I am very happy that Thuy Tien supports her activities, so that our son can do many things during this trip back home, such as giving books to his peers, learning to speak Vietnamese and discovering more of his father’s hometown. “, said Dan Truong.

After breaking up, Thuy Tien still listens to her ex-husband’s comments about many things in life. When doing volunteer work, she consults Dan Truong about clothes suitable for the work context. The singer also gave his ex-wife gestures of considerate care, asking questions, wiping her sweat when he saw that his wife was not used to the hot weather.

At the end of last year, Thuy Tien supported and advised to take care of documents for Dan Truong to find and buy House in Dallas, Texas, welcomed her mother and sister to the US to settle at the end of last year. Despite the divorce, the businesswoman still cares about Dan Truong’s family. When her ex-husband returned to the country to act, she arranged a time to take Thien Tu to visit her grandmother and inquire about her health. If Dan Truong needed help, she enthusiastically discussed to help him solve everything. On their personal pages, the two still interact and post pictures of each other when they are with their son.

Both of them raised their son together. Dan Truong said he was grateful to his ex-wife for taking care of his son thoughtfully and carefully on his behalf. He always respects his ex-wife’s way of raising children. During the domestic charity trip, when little Thien Tu refused to listen, he silently observed, letting Thuy Tien talk to her children. While visiting an orphanage at a temple in Thu Duc city, Dan Truong reminded his wife to explain to her children about Buddha and compassion.

Seeing that Thien Tu liked to sing and dance, Thuy Tien sent her children to dance lessons and set up her own channel to post her videos. Dan Truong doesn’t like his children to do artistic activities later, but he doesn’t hinder, let him develop naturally. He said: “No one knows in advance what the future will be. I let my son do as he wants. Thuy Tien also creates conditions for Thien Tu to develop his talents.”

Dan Truong with his son and ex-wife at a charity trip on June 5 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Tam Giao

Dan Truong with his son and ex-wife at a charity trip on June 5 in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Tam Giao

Since the divorce, they are still happy and comfortable together so that their son can fully feel the love. Whenever the male singer comes to the US to perform, Thuy Tien creates conditions for him to visit his children as well as for the whole family to have dinner and talk together. In November last year, his ex-wife took the initiative to come up with an idea for a short trip to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), on the occasion of Dan Truong’s 45th birthday. The singer’s family walked together, shopped, and mingled in the air. atmosphere of Thanksgiving.

On my son’s 5th birthday last year, Dan Truong said: “Thien Tu is the remaining happiness in my life. I think I don’t need to look for new people anymore, the most important thing right now is to spend all my time taking care of her.”

And Thuy Tien once said: “With my past marriage, although it is not complete, I am always grateful because thanks to that, I can become a mother and have the most precious thing, baby Thien Tu”. Thuy Tien has not thought about privacy or intends to learn a new relationship. The businesswoman is trying every day to be able to create a good life for mother and daughter.

Dan Truong was born in 1976, famous for Life of cicadas, One-sided loveand many songs Vietnamese lyrics music. He received the award “Favorite Singer” of the Green Wave seven times in a row. Singer get married with businessman Thuy Tien – 10 years younger – in 2013 and settled in the US. In 2017, Dan Truong welcomed his first son. In mid-July 2021, the singer and his wife announced divorce after eight years of marriage. The two keep friends, raising children together.

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