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#DCMUSIK #DCPRODUCTION Title: OJO DIBANDINGKE Voc: DENNY CAKNAN & ABAH LALA Cipt: ABAH LALA ==================== Prod. Denny caknan All Team: @aprizalws @k_achriza @dhimascomb @poe_dewangga @rollingskur @ikhsanworry @diddit._ @_samtompel @wawanwanthix @awsurya @rendymarleyy @rezha_vahlevie_s @aldho99 @shimascomb @s @aldho99 @andilkolisd1 ky_jenggot_madiun @bayu_onynk ing-banding Sakekonband ing-banding-gene -saingke yo mesti kalah Tak oyako aku yo ora mampu Mung sak kuatku mencintaimu Ku harap engkau mengerti Di hati ini hanya ada kamu Jelas bedo yen dibandingke No one not show me raiso if you want to work be honest to each other. Who is a person with two hearts? We have accompanied you up to here. But everything means nothing. Raono ajine. you understand. In this heart there is only you. Who is the man with two? Hearts We have been with you to this point But everything is meaningless Raono agine Why do you compare Saing-saingke yo must lose Tak oyako aku yo ora mampu Mung sak kuatku mencintaimu I hope you understand In this heart there is only you I hope you understand In in this heart there is only you ============ == ============================== ========== Keep supporting @DC channel. PRODUCTION so that we can create vlogs or content with enthusiasm and productively – the best and most exclusive content with different concepts that only exists in this channel. Please subscribe and activate the bell so you don’t miss the latest videos. Thank you all for subscribing, liking and commenting. Regards #NgeroadSampekTuwek MUSIC & JOB: 081217088883 (WIRO) ————————————— —————— JOIN GROUP: #DENNYCAKNAN # DCPRODUCTION Also stay on Instagram: OFFICIAL DC. PRODUCTION: DENNY CAKNAN: Copyright @2022 DC. PRODUCTION #Ngawi, ID 63218 ==================================== Licensed to YouTube by IDE ( Music) This channel and video have been optimized by IDE optimization. License your music here: Optimize your video now:


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