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Destiny 2: Warlock Solar Builds – Most fun I’ve had with Warlock with Starfire Protocol

Warlocks, this is the most fun I’ve ever had with a Warlock. Probably ever. DIM Loadout: (this loadout may differ slightly from the video at any point) Intro/How It Works – 0:00 Aspects – 1:01 Stats – 1:35 Fragments – 3:52 Mods – 5:53 Why I like it – 8:35 Other builds – 11:53 How it works: Equip Starfire Protocol. Use fusion grenades to get full rift energy. Use the empowering rift and shoot items within it to quickly recharge grenades. Grenades are explored twice via Touch of Flame, and hitting the same target with grenades in a row will cause an ignition explosion. Aspects: Heat rises/flame touch. Swap out Icarus Dash if you don’t care for the melee energy and/or are tired of randomly floating around. Fragments: Focus on Ignite when in higher level content, lower levels are not as important. Supplement with Scorch based fragments, anything that gives you ability energy is probably good. Stat: If you’re being played perfectly, you don’t need rest/discipline, but this is rarely played perfectly and you’ll definitely want at least rest. When using Heat Rises, you don’t need as much strength. Resilience and Intellect are good stats to put points into to reduce damage taken and increase the frequency of Well of Radiance. Mods: Anything that helps recover grenade energy is good. You can just build a million fountains via Bountiful Wells and Elemental Ordnance, or you can try to get a little fancier with things like Firepower or Energy Converter. Classy Restoration is a must for Season of the Haunted (17), and Well of Life will be a must in later seasons. Datto’s Stream Archive: 5% Off ASTRO Gear: (works in all available regions) Save $50 when purchasing a prebuilt PC from Evolve PCs when using code DATTO at checkout: Epic Games Store Creator Code: HelloDatto Danielles Advanced.GG Code: TRVL at checkout (Datto doesn’t have any Link to ) Need a good chair? SecretLab has you covered, use my referral link here: (US & Southeast Asia only) If you enjoyed the video, we always appreciate a positive review. Datto does Destiny Social Media: Twitter: Twitch:


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