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Dig up a 100-year-old bamboo tree and hire a crane to transport it from Ha Tinh to Hoa Binh

The police of Huong Son district (Ha Tinh province) have just prosecuted a group of people from Hoa Binh province in collusion with the suspect in the area of ​​digging and stealing a 100-year-old bamboo tree.

According to the investigative agency, earlier this year, through Facebook, Bui Van Manh (born in 1988, residing in Hoa Binh province) knew Pham Anh Dung (born in 1981, residing in Vu Quang district, Ha Tinh province). These two people work as bonsai traders.

After that, Manh went to Ha Tinh and was led by Dung to see the trees, including a bamboo tree in An Hoa Thinh commune (Huong Son district) with an age of more than 100 years.

After surveying the local people, these two knew that this bamboo tree was under the management of the locality, not the individual, so Dung and Manh discussed digging and stealing.

Manh returned to Hoa Binh and hired 3 people from the same hometown, including Bui Van Dong (SN 1996), Bui Van Son (SN 1996) and Bui Van Thuong (SN 2003) to go to Ha Tinh to dig trees. These people are paid 1 million VND/day/person.

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Subjects (from left to right): Bui Van Thuong (SN 2003), Bui Van Manh (SN 1988), Bui Van Son (SN 1996), Pham Anh Dung (SN 1981), Bui Van Dong (SN 1996). Photo: Provided by the police

On the afternoon of March 4, Manh prepared tools including a hand saw, shovel, crowbar, scissors, a petrol saw, and then drove a pickup truck carrying Dong, Thuong and Son to Ha Tinh to dig trees.

On the night of March 5, early in the morning of March 6, taking advantage of the absence of people, Manh and Dung guarded to let Dong, Son and Thuong dig.

Manh rented a crane from Mr. Nguyen Tong Phu (born in 1999, residing in Cam Xuyen district) to transport the tree from Huong Son to Hoa Binh with a salary of 15 million VND.

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The first bamboo tree was dug away and replanted (photo DH)

Upon receiving the news, Huong Son District Police launched an investigation and solicited a property valuation council under the People’s Committee of this district. The bamboo tree was determined to be over 100 years old, worth 25 million VND.

After realizing that their behavior could not be avoided, Manh, Son, Dong, Thuong and Dung went to Huong Son District Police to surrender and hand over relevant evidence.

The Huong Son district police issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused and issue a temporary detention order for Bui Van Manh, Bui Van Son, Bui Van Dong, Bui Van Thuong (who resides in Hoa Binh province) and Pham Anh. Dung (residing in Vu Quang district) on the crime of “Theft of property”.

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