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‘Dude, you lost this lover’

I live and work in Hanoi, graduated and worked for two years, a stable job.

“Hey baby, you dropped this lover

I don’t know if I’ll see you again?”

I’m so addicted to this song these days. Just be happy alone and gently sing a few verses. After listening, I thought about Mr. Right, so this time I mustered up the courage to ask the “matchmaker” VnExpress SE coast.

I am hard-working, responsible for my work and with the mindset of always cultivating knowledge to upgrade myself and improve my quality of life.

In terms of appearance, she is over 1.6 m tall and has a standard weight. People say that I’m easy on the eyes, beautiful or ugly, pleasing to the eye or itchy, depending on how people feel. That’s why there is a saying “Beauty is not in the rosy cheeks of a young woman, but in the eyes of the beholder”. I hope you can see yourself as beautiful in my eyes (laughs).

I live a happy, peaceful, caring life. In addition to hobbies like most people, I maintain a habit of exercising, listening to audio books and learning foreign languages. It’s good if you share the same interests, we can talk in many languages.

“What comes from the heart touches the heart”. Hope you are sincere, responsible, moderate and progressive. Please give me a signal soon. I wear a beautiful dress and wait for you to come over.

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