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Epic Games CEO denounces a fraudulent cryptocurrency-Information Technology

Fortnite Token was accused of being a scam, but the crypto team countered that their project was created to be fair and community-driven.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney says a newly announced cryptocurrency called Fortnite Token is “a scam,” and warns that the company is preparing to take legal action. to close it. However, the creators of Fortnite Token did not accept this allegation, describing it as a fan-made project and with no specific owner or corporate structure behind it.

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Epic’s CEO denounces the Fortnite Token cryptocurrency as a scam.

The Fortnite Token first appeared in late 2021, and it tried to show a connection to Epic’s hit Battle Royale game. However, after that, information about it did not appear too much.

On May 30, the Fortnite Token Twitter page suddenly had an article inviting the community to mine it from the fntoken website or buy it on OpenSea. Immediately, CEO Tim Sweeney bluntly replied to the post with the content “That’s a scam – This is a scam”.

But instead of giving in, the crypto team stood their ground. “Fortnite Token is not a scam crypto project. Instead, this is a cryptocurrency project initiated by fans of the game Fortnite and created with fairness, with no owner or company backing, above all without a single CEO. determine its future”.

In response to the crypto team’s response, Sweeney said: “That’s not the right way to work in terms of trademarks and copyrights. You may not use Fortnite’s name and image without permission to market an unrelated product.”

Shortly after, Epic’s CEO “summoned” Epic’s legal department, repeating his assertion that the Fortnite Token was a scam and adding: “Epic attorneys were present.”

However, it doesn’t stop there. Sweeney went on to find nearly 10 tweets from Fortnite Token and replied with the content stating that “they are all scams”. While Sweeney doesn’t exaggerate the Fortnite Token in terms of its impact, his response to the cryptocurrency doesn’t appear to be waning.

Sweeney said in his own opinion on cryptocurrency in October 2021 that, while Epic will not bring crypto into its games, the company will welcome games that use blockchain technology, as long as that they comply with the regulations.

Epic’s position is in stark contrast to Valve’s. In December 2021, the company banned applications built on blockchain technology or allowing cryptocurrency exchanges or NFTs from Steam. But Epic’s friendly policy towards blockchain games doesn’t seem to have gotten off to a really stellar start.

Epic Games declined to comment on the matter beyond Sweeney’s statements on Twitter.

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