Everyone is tired today, but let’s keep “collecting 5 minutes of fun every day, to keep myself alive”

Sometimes I’m curious, I don’t know what motivates people to live happily for 80 years because every day of the age of 25 is already very hard.

All day 8 hours sitting at the office, meeting friends in the evening, no lover, less than the end of the month, all money is gone. The pressure from family and friends made me lose motivation to live happily and gradually forgot about my goals in life. There are times, I try to encourage myself to drag myself to work to make it through a day, then a week, a month, then a year… everything is swept away and I also drift away in the flow of boredom. There is one thing that separates me from those who have found the joy of being positive: I don’t know where I’m going? Continue doing this work to get what? How is tomorrow different from yesterday?


I know a term called “996”, which refers to the culture of working from 9am to 9pm 6 days a week. Although controversial due to the exploitation of employees’ labor, causing employees to work overtime, this culture is still very popular with many large companies, especially technology groups in China.

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“Working overtime is now normal”a Chinese blogger shares on Weibo, China’s popular social networking platform. “What’s scarier is that people are used to it and don’t dare protest because they know it’s useless.”.

A wave of outrage at the “996” work culture erupted in December 2019, when a 22-year-old employee of e-commerce company Pinduoduo fainted and died on the street in Urumqi city, Xinjiang after Leave the office at 1:30 am. Less than two weeks later, another Pinduoduo employee committed suicide due to depression after a period of overwork.

Even a young person in China once shared a state of exhaustion as if she was exhausted, every day just burying her head in work, day after day, making her feel empty and unmotivated. living.

“My day will be 12 hours going to work at the company, sometimes I have to skip lunch to meet with my boss to finish work, I don’t have time to shop, food is also ordered from outside, every day is a great experience. The same passing leaves me empty, wishing to disappear from this world.” – she said.

Not only Chinese young people, Vietnamese young people also have many similar thoughts. Hanh (23 years old, HCMC, working as an office worker) said that she is working as a financial officer for a large company in District 1, because it is the financial sector with a large amount of work, she rarely has full day off. “I work overtime often, if the season is busy, I sometimes work until 2.3 am and still have not left the company. I live only eating, working, sleeping only a few hours, even holidays and weekends are never complete. I used to travel, but I wasn’t happy because my boss pushed me during the holidays, I never knew what I was living for, it was just a high salary so I couldn’t quit my current job.” – She confided sadly.

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Like Hanh, Khuyen (25 years old, currently a freelancer) also confided: “I do 3-4 jobs at the same time, sometimes it is extremely stressful but still trying hard to get the so-called ‘job, income’, but I feel it’s useless to keep trying like that. hey, trying to be “beautiful” in front of other people, trying to act like I’m fine but inside I’m “rotten” inside, but I don’t know how to get out.”

That is the reality, young people go to work, not happy, have no purpose in life, just go to work… that’s all.


A letter from a teenager and a member of the National Kids Help Phone (NYC) National Youth Council once said:

“From childhood to adulthood, my parents always told me that boys should not cry. Instead, boys should be tough, resilient, and able to solve their own problems. I don’t blame my parents for raising me this way. They simply taught me what they were taught from an early age. Due to the perception of masculinization in my culture, I feel like I have to suppress my emotions every time I go through a difficult time.

I remember experiencing the worst mental and physical bullying of my life in elementary school. My bullies pushed me against the wall while they took turns punching and hitting, calling me condescending names. I couldn’t cry for help or fight back. I would simply be blamed for attention-grabbing. I felt like my teacher ignored my silent pleas for help. I started to hate school – the place I always loved. When I come home from school, I will always have to think of excuses, excuses for scratches or bruises on my legs to tell my family.

  Everyone is tired today, but let's just collect 5 minutes of joy every day, to keep ourselves alive - Photo 3.

I will never forget the countless nights I couldn’t sleep. Staring at the ceiling for hours, I felt completely helpless. I believed that I would never be able to escape the bullying. Neither my teachers nor my former “friends” supported me. I couldn’t tell my parents either, because I was completely embarrassed. Shame that I cried in bed alone, shame that I was bullied, and shame that I wasn’t the “man” I thought my parents wanted me to be. I really believed that I would embarrass my parents if I sought help and would be seen as a failure. I continued to suffer in silence. Months passed, and I continued to sink deeper and deeper into this abyss of negativity.”

It is the indifference, the pressure to follow a pattern, the ideal model set by society, that makes themselves a criminal even though they are the victim. They make them step back, not daring to move forward to live fully, but instead have feelings of fear, want to run away, want to disappear from the world.


There is a little story like this on the Quora forum. One user asked the following question: “I’m really unhappy with my life. Is this life worth living?” then get a reply below:

“This is a dialogue between the character “I” and “Life”

Me: I am not satisfied with you.

Life: Why? What have I done to upset you?

Me: You’re not great, you’re not always full of happiness.

Life: But I didn’t create you, you created me. That is the problem. If you think your life is wonderful, I will be great too. It’s not that I’m not interesting, it’s you who choose to be unhappy. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HAPPINESS. I can only stand here to cheer and encourage you, I cannot be the creator of happiness when you do not pursue it yourself.

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In fact, there’s never been a “life is boring”, it’s just YOU, boring yourself and then making your life that way. Take this, my friend, and make your life worth living. Only you can decide what is good for you.”

We are still the most confusing species in the world, obviously knowing that we have a problem, but always fidgeting in one place, not knowing where the knot is and how to open the knot, while ourselves is the person who creates the rope by himself, tying himself up in the situation he sets himself.

Recently on the Internet, there is a very popular sentence extracted from a character’s line in the movie “My Freedom Diary”, which goes something like this: “Pick up 5 minutes of fun every day, to keep it going. let myself live.”

It turns out that joy is not readily available – to live happily everyone must learn to create or collect small pieces of joy and put them together into a big joy (or just 5 minutes) to find themselves meaningful living.

  Everyone is tired today, but let's just collect 5 minutes of joy every day, to keep ourselves alive - Photo 5.

As Yeom Mi Jeong did with her life in My Freedom Diary: “Five minutes a day. Just five minutes of ease is worth living. When I went to the convenience store, I opened the door for that student and heard the thank you, so I was excited for seven seconds, this morning when I opened my eyes, I suddenly realized that today is Saturday, I was excited for ten seconds. Just like that for 5 minutes every day. That’s how I keep myself alive.”

Life is inherently diverse, we ourselves cannot predict what challenges or events we will face. So, the simplest way to keep yourself alive, to live a life worth living, is to gather small joys, keep yourself excited and eager for this life, Only then will we have the motivation to continue and fight. than-minh-song-tiep-20220606123644094.chn


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