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“Exchange – Talk: Resurrection”: Wild animals and the cry for help of lost lives

The program “Exchange – Talk: Revival” is a special topic broadcast on VTV2 aiming to the day Environment World 5/6. At the beginning of the program, journalist Do Doan Hoang – a journalist who has been pursuing environmental topics for nearly 20 years – sent an urgent appeal to the lives that are gradually being lost, including many species of animals. wild animals is on the verge of extinction, can be revived.

Vietnam is one of the 16 countries with the highest biodiversity density in the world. However, the illegal hunting of animals has caused the extinction of many wild animals. Some species that were considered symbols of Vietnam but now no longer exist in the wild and are facing a very high risk of extinction such as the Javan rhinoceros, according to the IUCN Red List, the tiger has died. Ecologically extinct, Asian elephants also have less than 100 individuals left, saola – the symbol of SEA GAMES is also less than 20 individuals, 25 primate species in Vietnam are also in extreme condition. emergency…

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Consumers’ demand to enjoy delicious and exotic dishes made from wild animals in general and wild birds in particular has increased, leading to the appearance of bird restaurants in many provinces. city ​​of Vietnam. That means promoting the activities of trapping, hunting and trading wild birds becoming more and more exciting and complex.

Even tigers – animals with the highest legal protection in Vietnam – are warned to be extinct in the wild, but tiger farming and trade in tiger products are illegal. happens in a very subtle way, in large numbers. In 2021, public opinion and the whole country stirred when Nghe An police arrested the largest number of illegally raised tigers in Vietnam ever – 24 individuals. The public questioned why these subjects kept so many tigers in captivity for a long time but were not detected by local authorities and related industries.

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According to statistics of the Center for Nature Education, Vietnam is a transit country and the largest market for wildlife consumption in the world. In 2021 alone, there are 3,703 wildlife violations nationwide, an increase of 800 cases compared to 2020. However, according to journalist Do Doan Hoang, this is still just the tip of a giant iceberg. giant.

Ms. Dang Nguyet Anh – Wildlife Trafficking Program Officer – WWF Vietnam – affirmed that the legal system to protect wildlife species is assessed to be relatively complete and internationally recognized. Price is a big step forward in the legal system. However, there are still inadequacies in the system that still need to be amended and supplemented.

“Wildlife is considered a commodity, once it is considered a commodity, it will be governed by the law of supply and demand. Therefore, we need to affect both the supply side and the demand side. Many campaigns reduce demand, behavior change has been implemented at different scales, but the results have not been as expected and have not had far-reaching effects in society”, Ms. Nguyet Anh added, “We need the persistent and continuous communication activities to create great impacts in society”.

In recent times, more and more centers and organizations have joined hands in environmental protection activities, as well as with wildlife protection. In Tuyen Hoa district (Quang Binh province), there is a group of people who protect black-crowned langurs completely voluntarily, without any remuneration and have been active for many years. Notably, in this group of volunteers, there were people who had previously illegally hunted this same animal, but now became a protector.

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Ms. Hoang Thi Thanh Nhan – Deputy Director of the Department of Nature Conservation and Biodiversity, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment – said that the issue of biodiversity is being degraded at an unprecedented rate in the history of society. human society. She affirmed that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is also urgently building an appropriate program for the new period and has guidelines to carry out communication and public awareness on this issue.

It is clear that the path to wildlife conservation and to reducing poaching, trade and illegal use cannot be done alone, but also requires regional and international cooperation. Thus, we all need to be conscious of protecting wildlife in particular as well as the environment in general. The world today is also very unstable and it is the consumption of wild animals that has a strong impact on people. According to Ms. Hoang Bich Thuy – National Director of the Vietnam WCS Wildlife Conservation Society, the most recent consequence, the strongest warning for this, is an epidemic from animals to humans.

“Due to the common keeping of animals, viruses from one species will be transmitted to another. In addition, people who process these wild animals may also be infected with these viruses”, Ms. Hoang Bich Thuy shared. .

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“Earth is the cradle, the armor that protects us all. Wild animals are in a perfectly balanced ecological chain. They have been magically refined, built up, textured. Any impact that distorts, breaks, or destroys can cause a domino effect that causes natural disasters, epidemics and even destruction. Mother Nature is tolerant, Earth can respond. All human needs but can’t satisfy everyone’s greed.. Deforestation, killing animals, eating all rare and precious wild animals, that’s like we’re stabbing ourselves. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow the Earth from future generations. When the ecological chain is broken, epidemics, natural disasters will strike, we will not there is still a chance to correct mistakes, regret or grieve, regret”, journalist Do Doan Hoang’s urgent appeal about deforestation and wildlife hunting in Vietnam today.

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