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Exercising this way, contributes to a 175% better fight against cancer

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

Research from New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine shows that exercise is surprisingly effective at amplifying the effects of cancer treatments.

According to Daily Mail, the first step of research in mice has helped scientists discover that proteins secreted by the body when exercising exercisewhich is used to repair worn out muscles do exercisealso has the effect of attacking cancer cells.

Exercising this way, contributes to a better fight against cancer 175% - 1

The team of scientists continued the clinical trial on 75 patients with pancreatic cancer. A randomly selected group was asked to do strength training exercises for a total of 1 hour/week, plus 1.5 hours/week for aerobic/cardio exercises. This regimen was taken 6 weeks some time before they entered surgery for the tumor.

Specifically, they were asked to spend 2 times a week on weight training, resistance gym or yoga; plus brisk walking 3 times/week; with a duration of each session is 30 minutes.

A comparison between the exercise group and the non-exercise group showed that 2.5 hours of exercise per week improved their 5-year survival rate by 50%.

Subsequent experiments in mice explained why. With 5 times a week of exercise, 30 minutes each time, the rate of tumor formation is reduced by up to 50%. With a more industrious regimen – daily jogging on the treadmill, the mice even lost 25% more tumor weight than the non-exercise group, despite receiving the same cancer drugs.

The authors reasoned that the adrenaline released through exercise stimulates the body to produce a protein called interleukin-15. This protein boosts the immune system’s CD8 T-cells, helping them to kill cancer cells more aggressively.

Abundant amounts of CD8 T cells were also found in exercised patients in the clinical trial.

The team also studied the link between people receiving immunotherapy-based cancer treatment and exercise. The results show that the above exercise regimen can increase the effectiveness of cancer drugs by up to 175%.

“Even mild exercise profoundly changes the tumor environment, demonstrating the potential of this combined treatment,” said Professor Dafna Bar-Sagi from New York University, one of the authors. lead author of the study, said.

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