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Fake people or not, these 10 points are clear

1. They only contact you when needed

Fake person or not, looking at these 10 points is clear - 1

There are friends who have not contacted you for a long time, and now suddenly call to ask for help. You think friends are in trouble, helping is the right thing to do. They show appreciation for your help and may thank you with a beer. But everything stops there.

They won’t contact you when they’re done and go unanswered if they don’t need it. These people only come to you when they know you can help them.

2. They put you down

Fake people can bring you down through seemingly winged compliments, disparaging statements disguised as fun jokes. They enjoy being able to bring someone down, especially making someone a joke to everyone.

Nothing can justify such action. Someone who behaves that way doesn’t deserve your time and energy around. They just see you as entertainment, put you down to see yourself higher.

3. They criticize you if you mention their mistake or some mistake

If you tell a real friend that they said or did something that made you uncomfortable, they will apologize and try to make it right next time. But if you tell a fake the same thing, they might get defensive, lose trust in you, start making up lies to make you feel you’re the one in the wrong, or even go to war. cold with you.

Remember that when someone really cares about you, they’ll do their best to nurture your relationship. If what they really care about is just themselves, their wants and needs, they won’t see you as someone worthy of respect and care. You exist only for their sake.

4. They disappear when you need them

It’s sad to have some friends who are ready to be there when they’re in trouble but disappear when you need something. A true friend is not like that.

If someone is always busy when you need or shows interest in you but never does what they say, chances are they’re just keeping you around for their own sake.

5. They only know you on a superficial level

Fake people or not, look at these 10 points is clear - 3

They know your name, where you live and maybe that’s all. They don’t know anything really important about you, just superficial insights. That’s because they rarely ask, care about you like real friends. They don’t care what you’re going through, much less know about important events in your life. They don’t see you as an important part of their life mainly because…

6. They mostly talk about themselves

When it comes to conversations, their favorite topic is themselves. They like the stories that surround them and like to spend most of their talking time discussing their lives.

They tell you stories about knowing someone famous or expensive places they’ve been to. Chances are, those are stories you’ve heard a dozen times before. But they will never ask about you or your life, if they do, it will be when they have exhausted all topics related to them.

7. They don’t stop spreading rumors and gossip

If there’s a piece of information in their ears, everyone will know it by the end of the day. Fake friends love the thrill of hearing and spreading rumors about others.

They pretend to care about others but in reality just want to collect stories to tell again and again. They don’t need to know if it’s true or not, complete or not, but will spread the information however they want. They use other people’s stories to get people’s attention. Your secret is never a secret to them.

8. They are reluctant to your success, happiness

Fake people or not, these 10 points are clear - 4

When you achieve something or feel happy in your relationship, these people won’t congratulate you. They do not like to see others do better than them, happier than themselves in life. That makes them feel like they have failed.

Some fake friends are even willing to dump someone because someone has a better life than them. They are too miserable to admit it. Don’t expect these people to sincerely congratulate or cheer you on. They will just keep quiet and secretly envy.

9. They judge your mistakes and failures harshly

“I told you but didn’t listen” is something you’ll likely hear over and over from a fake friend. When something goes wrong, they’ll quickly make judgments and criticisms of you, listing all the things you’ve done wrong. They make excuses by saying that everything they do is for your best.

In fact, they just love feeling superior to you. They rarely comfort you or give you constructive advice or suggestions. They just want to be your savior, so that you have to be indebted to them, even if they can’t be of any help.

10. They hold grudges and never forget

If you are wrong, that person will turn against you the whole time afterwards. They may say they forgive you but it’s not. They did not act as they promised.

And they have double standards. If you are late to your appointment, they will scold you and even repeat it again and again in many subsequent meetings. But if they’re late, they’ll laugh and tell you it’s inevitable.

These people may still repeat the same thing years later that they find you guilty of. They want to hurt you for some reason, will recall by saying: “Remember when you…?”

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