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“Falling up and down” with a series of reduced bills, freeship 0VND on Lazada on sale 6.6, only 4 days left for shopaholics to register for trophies!

At 0:00 on June 6, the June 6 Shopping Festival opened jubilantly on Lazada. This time, Lazada also has a “play until” sale for up to 5 days, from 6/6 to 10/6 with millions of top deals, vouchers up to 50% off and especially vouchers accumulated up to 800K and freeship 0d all. country.

So it’s only the first day, but all over MXH, the shopping gods and sales lords have continuously shown their “not-so-medium” bravery with extremely reduced bills, extremely attractive prices. Of course, in order to get trophies that make everyone look at them, they have to “gas their mouths” with such envy, Lazada players have worked very hard to follow the livestream to accumulate vouchers, collect coins every day as well. like watching the “zodiac” time to hunt for a huge voucher.

As a loyal fan of adidas, ML (23 years old, Hanoi) said that she has loved the brand’s fake pants for a long time but has not dared to drop money because of the high original price. “But when applying cumulative vouchers, Lazada vouchers, vouchers from the store, my original order of more than 2 bulbs is now only about 1 and a half, reducing more than 500 branches”, Mai Lien is extremely excited.

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Saving more than 500 “branches” thought it was a lot, but compared to the bill of the guy HTM (Cau Giay, Hanoi), this number is really nothing. The guy is a genuine “sale hunting king” with a 3-piece bill of adidas house that is more than 50% off ++. The voucher from the seller is more than 400k, the promotion from the seller of more than 800k includes a cumulative voucher, so instead of paying a total of more than 2.8 million VND, it only takes Manh less than 1 million VND to own the items. favorite item.

“Looking at the amount to pay, I stood still for 5 seconds. It’s too much to reduce, Lazada is too big”, TM excited.

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The first 6/6 shopping day in the 5-day series of super sale summer 6.6 on Lazada also witnessed bills with super bargain prices from a series of famous brands. The most typical is the Lock & lock deal. I don’t know if I’m afraid that the summer isn’t hot enough, but Lock&lock has launched a great discount code, and there are a series of genuine vouchers from Lazada to help reduce the Vacuum Bottle 800ml thermos by nearly 40%. Whoever catches this bill deserves 10 points!

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Just focus on Lazada, work hard to accumulate, take care of vouchers, then luck will come. Just open the Lazada app from now until the end of June 10, you will accidentally stumble across products with extremely deep discounts, vouchers for a huge discount of 1 million, but you will also be given a dozen more gifts like a series of “look at” bills. crazy” below. Vouchers are deducted red bill and there are gifts to take home, this summer is brilliant because of Lazada, but who else!

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image009 16546014176941954702866

Even more shocking, not only collect vouchers but also get a huge bill, you have to diligently explore all the “interests” on Lazada on this occasion to have a chance to win the product with the ultimate 0 dong price. Having the merit of playing “Wish tree” on Lazada, one day she won the blender, which is exactly the case of her friend LD After many times thinking “maybe again”, this time, she prayed so much that Unbelievable.

“6.6 sitting hunting sales with blurry eyes. At 2:30 a.m. rushed to open the wish tree and thought it would be lost, anyone who thought it would hit the blender right away, just couldn’t believe it,” Linh Do happily showed on her personal page. . It is known that the product that she received had an original price of nearly 2 million dong, but now she can take it home completely free, and also freeship.

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It’s really “trying to play, maybe a beautiful day will hit the leaves, have fun with the roof”, isn’t it, guys

“Gato” is done, “please pray” is done, don’t forget to shop and welcome “Next summer, next sale” with Lazada right away. Shopping Festival 6.6 only takes place for 4 more days, so hurry up and surf Lazada, collect a bunch of vouchers and then shop together, and put your name on the golden board of the “gods” of this summer shopping!

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Shopping festival 6.6 “Next Summer, Next Sale” on Lazada will officially take place from June 6 to June 10, 2022 with millions of products up to 50% off, 800k accumulated vouchers, free shipping 0 VND nationwide. In particular, during the 6.6 Shopping Festival, there will be a series of shopping activities combined with entertainment: Lazada Supershow concert takes place offline (live) with the hottest Vpop stars and a rain of vouchers up to 6 billion Dong, LazGames “Gego” the more you play, the more you win vouchers, shopping livestreams take place continuously on LazLive channel with a series of deals of the same price 6k, 66k, 666k.

Check out a variety of attractive offers here! news-do-shopping-enrollment-chien-tich-20220607183605018.chn

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