Funny nickname fans gave to Vietnamese U23 players

Talent “create”, Long “terrestrial”, Binh “turbulent”, “Bui Hoang Tro Joa” are funny names that fans give to the players.

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Phan Tuan Tai (born in 2001) is a rising name of Vietnamese football when continuously shining in youth tournaments in 2022. At the final of U23 Southeast Asia 2022 and the final of SEA Games 31, the 21-year-old midfielder contributed He made a big contribution to the victory of U23 Vietnam when he accurately crossed the ball for his teammates to score. At the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, in addition to his own goal, Tuan Tai provided an assist for his teammates to score in both matches against Thailand U23 and Korea U23. Thanks to that, the player was called by fans as Tai “constructor”, “king of construction” or “engineer to build runways”. Photo: Thuan Thang.

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In the two matches played by U23 Vietnam at the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, captain midfielder Bui Hoang Viet Anh (born in 1999) both played his role well and commanded the defense. Compared to his teammates, he is experienced in competition and is a familiar name to the fans. In addition to the impressive height of 1.86 m, Viet Anh was praised for having a handsome face. On social networks, the 23-year-old player often posts funny photos and teases his teammates. He is also famous for his short but “muddy” replies. With a cheerful personality, the captain of U23 Vietnam is called “Bui Hoang Tro Jo” by fans. Photo: Quang Thinh.

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Although he has never played in the V.League 1 arena, Vu Tien Long (born in 2002) proves his maturity when wearing the shirt. U23 Vietnam at the 31st SEA Games and the 2022 Asian Finals. In the match against the defending champion U23 Korea, the defender not only did a good job of defending but also shone with a powerful shot into the opponent’s net. Thanks to that, U23 Vietnam won a historic score against U23 Korea in the continental playground. After the excellent performance, Tien Long got the nickname “terrestrial” or “one who knows the art of apparating” given to him by fans. He is also a rare player of U23 Vietnam who is married and has their first daughter. Photo: AFC.

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In the match against South Korea U23 at the 2022 Asian Finals, Quan Van Chuan (born in 2001) impressed with many accurate catching phases. It is noteworthy that the goalkeeper’s excellent phase to stop the opponent’s shot in the 42nd minute. Before that, in the match against Thailand U23, Van Chuan was substituted after the situation made a mistake. The mistake of goalkeeper Nguyen Van Toan in the 34th minute. On the group of Vietnamese football fans, the 21-year-old goalkeeper was dubbed “spider-man” because of his impressive performance. Photo: AFC.

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After the confrontation with Thailand on June 3, U23 Vietnam was allowed to rest for a day and practice recovery at the hotel swimming pool. Among the moments when the players joked, Dung Quang Nho (born in 2000) had a dive to pose funny in front of the camera. Since then, the 22-year-old midfielder has been given many nicknames by fans such as, Nho “fisher”, Nho “green” or “tycoon posing”. Quang Nho is also considered the “comedian” of the team when he often jokes, creating a happy atmosphere for U23 Vietnam. Photo: VFF.

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Binh “windy” is a funny name that fans give Nguyen Thanh Binh (born in 2000) from his serious and less smiling face. At the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, the defender was chosen by AFC as one of the brightest faces. Before that, Thanh Binh had just had a successful year with Viettel in the AFC Champions League shirt, with Vietnam U23 won gold at the 31st SEA Games and scored a goal against Japan in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. He received many awards. fans’ love thanks to his handsome face and 1.80 m height. Photo: VFF.

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After the phase of catching the ball, then rushing to pick up the ball in the draw with Thailand U23, Nguyen Van Toan (born in 1999) suffered a severe injury and appeared with a finger brace on the training ground on June 4. The goalkeeper also could not play the match against Korea U23 after that. With a height of 1.87 m, Van Toan is one of the tallest players in Vietnam’s current U23 squad. With a round face and tan skin, the 22-year-old goalkeeper is also nicknamed “burnt dumpling” by fans. He has this funny name since he was called up to the national team to attend the King’s Cup 2019. Photo: Le Minh.

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