“German soldiers” shine unexpectedly, U23 Vietnam followed in the footsteps of Korea U23 into the quarterfinals of the Asian tournament

Confronting Malaysia U23 in a must-win situation, coach Gong Oh-kyun showed his high hand when he ranked Thanh Nhan – a player on the HAGL staff who has a knack for kicking left-backs, taking on the role of a midfielder who often rises. , is the detonator under striker Nham Manh Dung.

The plan of “Master Gong” soon came into play because when the match had only passed 28 minutes, it was not Tuan Tai’s “passing leg” like in previous matches, but it was Thanh Nhan who threw the cross from the left wing. .

Remember, this goal is the turning point of the match because during the previous time, U23 Malaysia played well, defended closely and limited the offensive ability of U23 Vietnam. The Malaysian way of kicking is not afraid of collisions, making it difficult for U23 Vietnamese players to approach the opponent’s goal.

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The joy of U23 Vietnam (photo: Khanh An)

After an exemplary goal coordinated by Thanh Nhan and Manh Dung, U23 Vietnam was more excited in spirit. The Golden Star warriors continued to attack while U23 Malaysia lost the initiative after conceding a goal. The throw-ins are still an option for U23 Vietnam to approach goalkeeper Rahadiazli Rahalim’s goal.

After some relatively methodical attacking situations, but Hai Long, or Manh Dung missed the opportunity, another turning point occurred in injury time in the first half. In a defensive effort, the defender on the side. Malaysia let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area, preventing the penetration of Dung Quang Nho. After about 5 minutes of consulting VAR, the referee Perera decided to give U23 Vietnam a penalty, and at the same time drew a red card directly to the Malaysian defender because it was determined that this player deliberately used his hand to play in the penalty area.

On the 11m mark, captain Bui Hoang Viet Anh shot the ball and was saved by goalkeeper Rahalim, but right after that, the captain of U23 Vietnam hit the Malaysian net, doubling the gap for the Golden star warriors. After the goal, Viet Anh smiled brightly when U23 Vietnam almost firmly held 3 points, outside the boundary line, Malaysia U23 coach Brad Maloney looked as if he had given up everything.

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After the break, U23 Vietnam continued to maintain a dominant position in the context that the Malaysian U23 players had lost a lot of morale when they had just been led by 2 goals and had to play without people. In the match at the same time, the fact that Korea led Thailand U23 1-0 also brought a great advantage for teachers and coach Gong Oh-kyun.

At this point, U23 Vietnam has a reason to play leisurely, maintain a moderate speed to avoid losing strength but still fully grasp the initiative about the game. Nham Manh Dung was also withdrawn to be replaced by Van Tung. During the second half, U23 Vietnam created some more dangerous braking, but unfortunately, Van Tung or Dung Quang Nho could not take advantage of success to increase the gap.

However, the final score of 2-0 is more than enough for U23 Vietnam to enjoy the full joy, with officially owning the ticket to the quarterfinals because in the match at the same time, U23 Thailand sadly admitted defeat. 0-1 defeat against Korea U23.

Thus, Korea U23 continues with the top position. U23 Vietnam entered the quarterfinals with second place. The convincing ticket to continue will be the basis for U23 Vietnam to continue to successfully conquer the Asian U23 tournament this year, and at the same time dedicate football parties for fans.

Final score: U23 Vietnam 2-0 U23 Malaysia.

Scored: U23 Vietnam: Manh Dung (28′), Viet Anh (45)

Starting lineup:

U23 Vietnam: U23 Vietnam: Quan Van Chuan, Bui Hoang Viet Anh, Thanh Binh, Tien Long, Phan Tuan Tai, Huynh Cong To, Dung Quang Nho, Hai Long, Nham Manh Dung, Thanh Nhan, Van Cong

Malaysia U23: Rahadiazli Rahalim, Quentin Cheng, Faiz Amer, Harith Haiqal, Zikri Khalili, Umar Hakeem, Mukhairi Ajmal, Syahir Bashah, Azfar Fikri, Aiman ​​Afif, Shafi Azswad 20220608220501446.htm

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