Get lost in the galaxy with the Exhibition of Application of Spray Painting Materials

This is the first event in Vietnam, designed by students, organized and implemented, towards the Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Hanoi University of Architecture. The exhibition brings together the works of the group of spray-painting artists across the country SPAVN, the Spray Paint Art HAU Club and the works in the Workshop of the same name previously performed by lecturers and students of the University of Architecture. Hanoi.

Trinh Hung Tan (Chairman of Spray Paint Art HAU Club) shared: “The series of events including the Workshop and the Astro S Spray Paint Application Exhibition is considered a pioneering, dynamic activity, daring to try new art by the students themselves. This is also an important milestone for both the community in general and Spray Paint Art HAU in particular in the long-term development of Spray Paint Art.”

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The Exhibition of Application of Astro S spray paint materials was held at Hanoi University of Architecture.

With more than 50 works, Astro S offers visitors a visual space experience with countless quintessence of spray painting art. Viewers go from surprise to surprise by interesting shapes.

Towards the goal of being the first and only exhibition in Vietnam about the art of spray painting, Astro S also hopes to inspire this new discipline to artists nationwide, developing the subject to become a multifaceted art. variety, attracting the public as well as giving young people a colorful look at street art.

Visiting the exhibition, MSc Nguyen Thai Binh (Dean of the Faculty of Fine Art Design, Hanoi University of Architecture) said: “This is a beautiful and impressive exhibition. Works with diverse themes are shown through each author’s own worldview. Spray painting is quite new in Vietnam and through the exhibition, I feel it. The unique beauty of this material, from the way it is painted, to the way it shapes or to the color scheme, is shown very subtly by the artists, causing a curious and attractive feeling.

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Visitors to the exhibition.

The works of the exhibition focus on the theme of space – universe, planets, where the majestic beauty of nature has not been fully explored by humans, where artistic strokes can freely develop and radiate. bright as the stars.

Not only stopping at the galaxy – universe, the artists also create unique scenes by techniques only available in this line of paintings such as flying, sponges, scrap paper, hand techniques,… All both rely on the imagination and creativity of artists, especially student artists.

It can be affirmed that the spray painting line is very difficult to imitate because the paint strokes of each artist are unique. The process of making a work is quite fast, only takes about 10-20 minutes, something that few other paintings can do. Therefore, Astro S, as well as the line of paintings it brings, is unique, unique and for the first time held on an exhibition scale, by the students themselves.

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The work “Hopeless” by Noel Le (SPAVN).

As one of the guests of the exhibition, Dr. Architect Tran Hai Nam (Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Hanoi University of Architecture) shared: “For me, this is a very interesting experience. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to experience and create more works with a variety of topics. This is also a fairly new art in Vietnam. Nam. Hopefully in the future, this art form can thrive and at Hanoi University of Architecture, there will be more workshops and exhibitions like this, which is a creative playground for students.”

The organizers and pioneers in the field of Spray Painting Art hope that the art activities from the Workshop and Astro S Exhibition will be strongly spread to the public.

The exhibition will take place from June 2 to June 9 at the Art Gallery Building – Hanoi University of Architecture.

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