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Green tourism will be a product to develop sustainable tourism in Quang Nam

Quang Nam builds green tourism products to attract tourists - Photo 1.

Quang Nam will strengthen the construction of products green tourismlasting

Regarding tourism products, the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province suggested relevant units, localities and tourism businesses to build and develop new tourism products in the direction of green, safe, sustainable, eco-tourism. , agriculture, countryside, community.

According to Mr. Tan, these are types suitable to the potential, strengths of the province and current tourism trends, continuing to maintain and renew products that are attracting tourists.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organizes a review of the workforce in the tourism sector that has been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic; implement solutions to attract skilled workers back to work, ensuring quantity and quality; coordinate with relevant units to advise and organize training of human resources for green tourism; develop policies on training human resources for tourism such as: On-site training, retraining, and regrouping of the workforce dispersed due to the epidemic.

Strengthening coordination in inspection and inspection of compliance with regulations on tourism environment, regulations on management, listing prices and service fees at tourist attractions… handling cases of oppressing customers , selling at the wrong price, not guaranteeing the quality of the registered service.

Limit the inspection and examination of tourism businesses, except in necessary cases and when there are signs of violations. Enhancing the effectiveness of advertising, promotion, association and cooperation in tourism development and tourism digital transformation. Focus on building a destination image with the message “Quang Nam – Destination”. green tourism“…

Regarding the tourism environment, security and order, Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee asked localities to continue implementing Directive No. 19 of the Provincial People’s Committee on strengthening the management of the tourism environment, ensuring security and safety. for tourists in the province; pay attention to environmental sanitation at tourist spots, urban landscape sanitation, upgrade and invest in standard toilets to serve tourists.

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