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Hanoi: Spending tens of billions to build a series of wastewater treatment stations to … “cover mats”

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 09:45 AM (GMT+7)

The installation of wastewater treatment stations in industrial clusters is considered urgent, but for nearly ten years these works are “covering mats”.

Hanoi: It costs tens of billions to build a series of wastewater treatment stations to...

Inside the wastewater treatment station at Dan Phuong Industrial Complex, people are using it to… raise game chickens

Water treatment station… to raise chickens

The Traffic Newspaper has just received feedback from people in the suburbs of Hanoi, reflecting on the fact that many wastewater treatment stations in industrial clusters have been built and abandoned, lying “covered with mats”.

According to PV’s research, at the end of 2013, the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade submitted a proposal and was approved by Hanoi City for an investment project to build a centralized wastewater treatment system in industrial clusters in the city. 2014-2015 period.

In 2 years, 16 industrial clusters were invested; in which, in 2014 7 industrial clusters were built and operated, 9 clusters in 2015.

Funds for the implementation of the project are provided from the city and local budgets. The people’s supply profile lacks the 2014 investment chart.

However, the investment table of 9 clusters in 2015 estimates the investment capital as 65 billion dong. In which, 29.5 billion VND for construction (accounting for 45%), 36.04 billion VND for equipment installation expenses (accounting for 55%).

Up to now, after nearly ten years of implementing the project, many wastewater treatment stations have been completed but … lying “covered with mats”.

Recorded in Lien Ha handicraft cluster, Dan Phuong district, a 2-storey house right on the road to the industrial cluster lies exposed to mist.

Filter tank, dry sedimentation, mold, iron and steel, rusty construction railing. Inside, the mud was dirty, a resident used it as a cage to raise game chickens.

The owner of the chicken flock said that this project was built in 2016 but not in use: “I feel discreet, so I take advantage of the chicken cage!”.

Similarly in Son Tay town, the wastewater treatment system of Phu Thinh handicraft cluster has an investment estimate of more than 6.5 billion VND. During the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the locality used it as a place to isolate positive patients.

Sharing the same fate is the wastewater treatment system of Phuc Tho town’s industrial cluster. Estimated investment of the project is 9.5 billion VND, but since construction is completed, it has also been exposed to fog.

After building the station, there is no… waste water to treat

Talking to PV, Mr. Nguyen Viet Thai, Head of Construction Investment Management Board of Dan Phuong district, said that the centralized wastewater treatment system in Lien Ha commune’s handicraft cluster was invested more than 4 billion VND, in That is more than 2 billion VND for construction and installation, the remaining 2 billion VND is for equipment installation.

At present, the factory has only built works and has not yet installed equipment. This project has been auctioned and has been finalized since 2016.

Explaining the reason why this system was not put into use, Mr. Thai said that the handicraft cluster has no wastewater and a wastewater collection system, only a domestic water treatment system.

Therefore, the district did not put the wastewater treatment system into operation, and at the same time asked Hanoi not to install wastewater treatment equipment.

Answering the question “why is there no wastewater still building a wastewater treatment system?”, Mr. Thai confirmed, this project was proposed by the Department of Industry and Trade to the city for implementation.

The construction investment management board of Dan Phuong district did not know and did not carry out the construction.

Similarly, at the wastewater treatment system of Phu Thinh handicraft cluster, even though the equipment has been installed and paid for more than 4 billion VND, up to now… there is no wastewater for treatment.

Mr. Khuat Van Hoc, deputy head of the Economic Division of Son Tay town, said that before construction, Phu Thinh handicraft cluster had about 3 enterprises discharging waste into the environment.

However, up to now, 1 enterprise has not operated, 1 enterprise has built its own wastewater treatment system, so there is almost no input wastewater for treatment. Hoc said that such investment is not effective.

With the same waste water treatment station lying idle, Mr. Vu Van Hai, head of the industrial cluster management department in Phuc Tho town, said that each year the unit costs about 60 million VND more to hire a security guard.

The project is missing more than 1 billion VND to install the monitoring station and connect the pipeline, but with investment, there is no wastewater to treat, which costs more.

Department of Industry and Trade pushed the responsibility?

From the actual survey, many questions arise such as: How many wastewater treatment systems have or have not been put into use? Who is responsible for this waste? What measures does the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade have to handle and overcome these inadequacies?…

For more information, the Reporter of Traffic Newspaper contacted the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade to book an appointment and was informed that the interview content had been transferred to the Industrial Cluster Management Department.

However, talking to PV, Mr. Nguyen Phuong Thao, deputy head of the Industrial Cluster Management Department, Department of Industry and Trade, said that up to now, the Department has not received any feedback on the status of the abandoned wastewater treatment system.

Mr. Thao also said that the responsibility for receiving feedback related to this project falls under the authority of the Hanoi People’s Committee.

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