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Ho Ngoc Ha’s mother teaches singing, Lisa shoots English like the wind, Leon breaks the party

Ho Ngoc Ha is a mother who is admired by many women. The singer always gives the best for her children. Not only buying useful toys for her children, helping them develop both physically and intellectually, Ho Ngoc Ha also takes advantage of playing with her children in her spare time. The mother of 3 wants to save happy moments with her angels, and she also teach children many new skills.

Recently, the female singer shared a short clip when she was “passing the profession” to her children. In the clip, Ha Ho teaches two children to learn English songs. Lisa listened and sang along with her mother. And “comedian” Leon just likes to mess up.

Ho Ngoc Ha teaches her children to learn to sing in English, little Lisa is busy playing but still remembers the lyrics very well.

According to the recorded clip, the singer is teaching her eldest sister Lisa the national English song for children. It’s “English Alphabet”. Ha Ho’s mother sang first to keep up with the beat, and Lisa sang the accompaniment after. After each song, the mother of three stopped for a moment to encourage her princess to sing along. Quite cooperative with her mother, baby Lisa sings smoothly and remembers the lyrics very well. Although she sang and played at the same time, she did not miss a beat.

Contrary to his sister’s hard work, the youngest Leon also loves to sing. However, the boy also prefers… to sing climbing and breaking up. “Crossing feet” to sing with her could not, Leon took a toy and threw it at Lisa. Who told her mother and sister to sing passionately without letting Leon “join” with!

The youngest Leon specializes in climbing and breaking songs.

Even though she’s young, Lisa looks like an older sister. When she saw that she was bad, she reminded Leon. Asked by Ho Ngoc Ha’s mother: “Did Leon listen to his mother?” Lisa then replied: “No” – accompanied by a very serious expression.

Bad brother, Lisa reminds me very seriously.

Comedian Leon loves to sing. Before that, Ho Ngoc Ha also shared a clip of a boy singing the national song “Grandma, grandma, I love you so much”. The youngest boy of Ha Ho’s family grinned, showing his growing baby teeth, looking very cute. Leon also inherited his mother’s hoarse voice. While singing, she was naughty and shy to avoid Ha Ho’s mother when she was petted.

Leon sings the song Grandma, grandma, I love you so cute

Letting children learn to sing is a useful job when adults teach children. Through songs, children can practice listening skills and correct pronunciation. Especially when the baby is learning to speak. When interested and dedicated to singing, the baby will be able to say long sentences, pronounce new words more clearly. Children’s songs are often lively, attractive rhythms will attract children more than adults teaching children to speak normally.

Songs with many different topics will help children increase vocabulary extremely effectively. Your child’s ability to remember is also better than learning new words normally.

When teaching children to sing, parents often dance to the rhythm. For example, making the duck flapping wings in the song A duck,… This helps children feel happier. Both children and adults have relaxing moments together. Children enjoy learning new songs, and adults when they hear their children sing along will surely be delighted.

Besides, through songs, adults can teach children life skills, teach children morality, politeness, and love family members. For example, the song Grandma, Grandma, I love you so much, when I listen to and learn that song, I’m sure my baby will love her more.

Not only teaching children to learn to sing Vietnamese songs, when they listen and sing in English, they are also more interested in learning a new foreign language. The ability to hear, pronounce and remember is also much better. Learning English through songs is still an effective foreign language learning method applied by many people.

The nature of learning English is not difficult, it is important to know how to apply it in daily life, often repeat what you have learned to be good at it. So, when I clam, I sing the song I just learned in my spare time. It doesn’t have to be an entire song, simply a chorus or any part that your child likes, parents should support and encourage. Who knows, maybe through that, your baby will show the qualities of becoming a singer? Through these things to see that Ho Ngoc Ha is right, but a mother who is smart and always has many correct methods of raising children. leo-va-pha-dam-20220606165101095.chn

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