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Holding a bottle of alcohol across the kitchen, 8-year-old girl got burns all over her body

While not paying attention, the girl named D. (8 years old, in Dak Lak) ran with an alcohol bottle through the kitchen cooking food, the fire caught her clothes, causing her to burn for about a minute.

Baby D. was received by Children’s Hospital 2 (HCMC) in a state of burn heavy areas of the face, neck, chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, legs, genitals…

On June 8, BS.CK2 Le Phuoc Tan – Head of Burns – Orthopedics Department, Children’s Hospital 2, said that over the past time, the hospital has continuously received many cases of children hospitalized with severe burns caused by alcohol and gasoline. , leaving unfortunate consequences.

Like recently, there was a 3-year-old boy, M., who was hospitalized with burns caused by gasoline. My father is a mechanic, while working, he extracted the gas tank. Little sister M. who was playing nearby carelessly spilled gasoline, and it spread to the kitchen area, leading to on fire. The fire progressed so quickly that the whole family could not handle it and were badly burned.

Holding an alcohol bottle across the kitchen, an 8-year-old girl suffered burns to her whole body - photo 1

Need to be careful with fire and explosion accidents in the summer with young children


Burns are one of the most common accidents, especially among children. The cause of burns is usually boiling water, related to electrical equipment, fire and explosion cases, especially in winter. hot more likely to arise.

Burn injuries, if mild, damage the skin. infectionif it is more severe, it will leave a shrinking scar, a keloid scar that may not even pass.

To prevent problems from “fire lady”, doctors recommend that parents should be very cautious. Keep flammable and explosive substances out of reach of children as well as regularly check electrical sources and electrical equipment to ensure safety for children and the whole family.

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