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Hospitalized after a sumptuous party, the critical student was hospitalized for more than 5 months

That is the case of TT (15 years old, born in Soc Trang) being treated at City Children’s Hospital (HCMC). More than 5 months ago, the boy was transferred to the emergency room by a local hospital with a diagnosis of severe necrotizing pancreatitis.

At the City Children’s Hospital, by exploiting the medical history of the doctor from his family, the boy ate too much greasy food before being admitted to the hospital. When there was increasing abdominal pain accompanied by vomiting, the family rushed to the emergency room.

Doctors diagnosed the patient with severe necrotizing pancreatitis, pancreatic pseudocyst, and systemic toxic shock. In addition, the patient also had a history of frequent abdominal pain and intestinal infections. Faced with the critical condition the child was facing, doctors performed an emergency surgery to remove the pancreatic cyst.

A full meal made the critical student hospitalized for more than 5 months - Photo 1.

A case of a child hospitalized for treatment at City Children’s Hospital

Severe infections are many times life-threatening. Doctors have actively resuscitated and monitored and treated continuously. After more than 5 months in the hospital, the patient gradually overcame the danger, his health is gradually recovering.

From the above case, Dr. Nguyen Cat Phuong Vu, Intensive Care Unit of the hospital shared, acute pancreatitis in children is a great concern for parents. Children who are not diagnosed early and treated promptly will face dangerous complications even death.

Genetic factors, viral infections, and metabolic disorders are the main causes of acute pancreatitis in children. Most children with acute pancreatitis present with abdominal pain, often after a greasy meal. The child has pain around the belly button or pain above the belly button, the pain increases, especially the pain is worse after eating. Children with acute pancreatitis may have vomiting, fatigue, signs of dehydration, and eating less.

To avoid danger to the health and life of the child, the doctor recommends that parents take the child to the hospital soon when there are unusual abdominal pain symptoms. Especially, children with abdominal pain that gets worse and worse after a meal with a lot of fat and fat should think of acute pancreatitis because a lot of fat is the cause of the pancreas being overloaded leading to pancreatic cells being damaged. damage due to destruction of pancreatic enzymes.

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