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How much fortune did the emperor of China leave to his successor?

Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong are 3 famous Chinese emperors of feudal history. These princes built a strong dynasty, ushering in the flourishing period of the Qing Dynasty.

Among them, Kangxi is the most famous and longest-reigning emperor in the Qing Dynasty. He ascended the throne at the age of 8 and ruled for 61 years. According to historical researchers, before his death, Emperor Kangxi left more than 8 million taels of silver in the treasury for the next king, Ung Chinh.

How much fortune did the emperor of China leave to his successor?  - Photo 1.

Portrait of Emperor Kangxi. Photo: Sohu

In contrast to his father, Emperor Ung Chinh had a very short reign, only 13 years. Accordingly, this prince did not leave as many great imprints as previous kings.

However, he achieved great achievements when implementing major reforms in society, including major economic reforms such as abolishing bureaucratic privileges, issuing tax breaks for the people…

Thanks to this, Emperor Ung Chinh surprised posterity when he saved 60 million taels of silver in the Qing Dynasty’s treasury for the next new king, Emperor Qianlong.

After Emperor Yongzheng died, Qianlong succeeded him. During his reign, this prince implemented a policy of seclusion, causing economic decline. In particular, Emperor Qianlong trusted and used visiting Hoa Than and his factions, causing the Qing Dynasty’s treasury to plummet.

When Emperor Qianlong passed the throne to Gia Khanh, the treasury was almost exhausted. Therefore, after ascending the throne, Emperor Gia Khanh reorganized the court and dealt with corrupt visits.

Among these, visiting Hoa Than was arrested, investigated and searched the government. Accordingly, officials sent by Emperor Gia Khanh to confiscate assets worth about 1,100 million taels of silver.

It is estimated that Hoa Than’s assets are equivalent to the amount of money that the Qing state treasury took 15 years to collect. All of these assets were added to the Qing Dynasty treasury.

By handling visits like Hoa Than, King Gia Khanh helped the Qing treasury to have enough money to carry out important policies.

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