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How to handle voucher due to hotel closure?

I bought a voucher, but when I need to use it, the hotel is closed and the voucher is expired.

In January 2020, I bought a voucher for a two-night stay at a hotel in Hue provided by an intermediary. Voucher is valid until 10/2020. In August 2020, I contacted to book a room, but the hotel was closed due to the epidemic, so I extended it to September 2021. In March 2021 I contacted again to book a room but the hotel was still closed and told me it might reopen in August 2021. As of 8/2021 the hotel is still not open and I have not contacted again because of the complicated epidemic situation.

Last May, the hotel opened, so I contacted to make a reservation but was refused because the voucher has expired. The seller of the voucher also blamed me for not asking the hotel to renew it. Am I wrong or is the seller of the voucher responsible? The reason is that they sold me the voucher but I couldn’t use it during the validity period.

Please give your opinion on who is the right person in this case and how to solve it?

Thu Anh

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