Huawei empowers Asia Pacific on the path of digital economy development

However, that prediction can only come true if businesses in the region reinvent themselves for the digital-first economy.

According to IDC, at least 65% of Asia-Pacific’s GDP will be digitized this year. Currently, countries are demonstrating their determination to compete in the digital economy with clear policies and initiatives to attract more local businesses to participate. Huawei is committed to being a major contributor to the region’s digital economy with the mission ‘In the Asia-Pacific, for the Asia-Pacific’.

Pillars of the digital economy

Connectivity is the lifeblood of the digital economy, and Huawei is now helping local telecommunications companies (telcos) operate more efficiently.

Leveraging our in-depth understanding of telecom companies and their processes, we advise clients to improve operational efficiency, investment efficiency, network planning efficiency and more. We are also helping some telecom companies modernize their existing networks using cutting-edge new technologies so they can provide better customer experiences and improve energy efficiency theirs,” explains Mr. Simon Lin.

Besides, Mr. Simon Lin noted that cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are also key pillars of the digital economy. Wherein, the cloud gives organizations faster access to assistive technologies and data, and AI can help improve efficiency but also improve the speed and accuracy of decision-making. The combination of these three factors helps organizations address business needs as well as find new business models.

Supporting businesses to create new value

With customers as the focus, Huawei not only provides technologies to customers, but also works closely with organizations in Asia-Pacific to explore business opportunities for emerging technologies, especially 5G.

In December 2021, Huawei and Siriraj launched the 5G Smart Hospital project, which aims to bring a more efficient and convenient experience for patients by applying 5G, cloud and AI. In addition, the Joint Innovation lab was also built to promote 30 5G medical applications this year, starting with 5G mobile medical box and 5G smart hospital bed pilots.

“We believe our efforts will make Siriraj Hospital a model for other public hospitals in Thailand. It will also act as a blueprint for all smart hospitals in Thailand. Thailand in the future, so it will serve as a model for upgrading Thailand’s public health sector in the future,” said Professor Prasit Watanapa MD, Dean of the Siriraj Hospital’s medical faculty at Mahidol University , shared at Mobile World Congress MWC 2022.

With its experience with emerging technology, Huawei will help businesses and organizations in Asia Pacific expand their business opportunities, giving them the confidence to transform and capitalize on the economy. digital.

Mr. Simon Lin: Huawei empowers Asia Pacific on the path of digital economy development - Photo 1.

Simon Lin, President of Huawei Asia Pacific

Committed to Moving Asia Pacific’s IT Ecosystem Forward

To thrive in the digital economy requires the creative use of different technologies, it is impractical to rely on just one vendor to be a digital-first organization. This is why Huawei is committed to building an open industry ecosystem with its partners and customers.

Huawei also points out that supporting people with the right skills is crucial for success in the digital economy. That’s why Huawei is investing $150 million in the Future of Incubation Program 2.0 to develop digital talent over the next five years, and $100 million in the Spark startup program in Asia Pacific, four startup hubs in Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Huawei ICT Academy also launched a training course for students or graduates in five areas, computer networking, Python programming, AI, cloud services and storage solutions.

“Huawei wants to be an important contributor to the digital economy of Asia Pacific. This is why we want to establish a digital ecosystem with our partners and customers, and focus on nurturing digital talent.We also want to invest more in R&D activities globally and localized to the Asia Pacific region to deliver more value and help businesses here becomes the first number,” concluded Mr. Lin. 20220608165537659.chn

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