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Huggy Wuggy in real life || Crafts for fans of horror games!

Another transformation never hurt anyone! do you guys agree Which character would we choose today? Hmm… caught! It’s Huggy Wuggy! Huggy Wuggy is a tall, slender, and cute animal covered in bright blue, thick fur. Its flexible arms and legs are several feet long, terminating in large, yellow, solid hands and feet. Huggy has a large, heart-shaped head with two eyes and black, dilated pupils and wide red cartoon sausage lips that form his smile. And today we’re going to make it! We need quite a lot of different things to create this character. But don’t worry, you can see everything in our video! We’re going to use an old doll’s head for the transformation and use foil to recreate the shape of Huggy Wuggy’s head. The body requires special efforts! Eventually it becomes flexible and covered in fluffy blue fur! We need polymer clay to make hands and feet. And we will also create an amazing spooky playground in the middle of which will be our cute and at the same time scary character! So don’t miss our video to see the whole process of making Huggy Wuggy! And don’t forget to check out our incredible crafts: Creepy Chucky Doll DIY How To Make A Miniature Howl’s Castle From Junk Neo Vs Agent Smith Miniature Diorama Fighting https :// – – – House of Gucci Playlist: All product and company names shown in the video are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective Owner. Their use does not imply affiliation with or endorsement by them. – – – Stock materials: – – – Music by Epidemic Sound:


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