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Husband disappeared after 5 years of taking care of his sick wife, the truth made everyone cry

According to page 163, Ms. Yuan Canhui and Mr. Guo Chuangan (Cantonese, China) have been married for 14 years and have a beautiful son together. Although the economic conditions are quite difficult, the love between the two is extremely deep. Their happy family makes everyone around them admire.

In 2009, Ms. Yuan felt unwell and had difficulty walking. When she went to the hospital, she was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a condition in which the muscles gradually atrophy. This news made Ms. Yuan despair, even wanting to give her life at times for fear of becoming a burden on her husband and children.

Mr. Guo loves his wife, so he is always there to encourage, comfort and care for her very carefully, even though he knows that his wife’s illness is almost never cured. Every day, he worked hard to earn money. Even though he was tired at night, he still tried to spend time talking to his wife until he fell asleep. Taking care of the family business alone, taking care of his wife and son, but Mr. Guo has never complained.

Husband disappeared after 5 years of taking care of his sick wife, the truth made everyone cry - Photo 1.

The sick wife searched for her husband everywhere, and when she saw him lying unconscious on the hospital bed, she burst into tears.

However, one day in 2014, Ms. Yuan waited for a long time and still did not see her husband coming home, and she could not call. Before that, she and her husband had no friction or conflict, so she had more negative thoughts about her husband. She sadly thinks that her husband is tired of her and wants to leave her because it is too hard and no longer has the strength to take care of his wife.

Ms. Yuan at that time was extremely distressed and depressed, saying that without her husband, she could not live on. Therefore, she decided to go to her husband’s parents’ house, asking for help from her brother-in-law. The surprising thing is that when hearing the news of his brother’s disappearance, the younger brother appeared indifferent, not worried at all, and said that Ms. Yuan stayed there for a few days.

Seeing her brother-in-law’s attitude, Yuan’s sister guessed that he knew something, but she couldn’t ask how. Out of anger, she immediately left. After that, she continued to ask her husband’s close friends, but everyone did not know where he was. Yuan’s brother felt sorry for his sister’s despair and mental breakdown, so he spoke out truth.

As it turned out, a few days before, Mr. Guo had suddenly fallen due to a brain hemorrhage and was taken to the emergency room by passers-by. Mr. Guo’s family and Ms. Yuan’s brother both knew about it, but kept it a secret for fear of worrying her. Seeing her husband lying in the hospital room, Ms. Yuan broke down in pain and sobbed, blaming herself for thinking badly of him.

After that, Ms. Yuan started running around, even selling her whole house to pay for her husband’s medical treatment. Everyone was extremely emotional when they saw the scene of their husband unconscious in bed, his sick wife crying beside him.

Everyone tried to help, taking turns taking care of both Mr. Guo and Ms. Yuan. Besides, many kind hearts have donated money to help Ms. Yuan and her husband, everyone hopes that they will soon overcome difficulties and get well.

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