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Identify 4 teams into the quarterfinals of the Asian U.23 Championship with a surprising name

This morning (8.6), the final round of the Asian U.23 tournament ended the last matches of Groups A and B, thereby determining the 4 teams that won the right to the quarterfinals.

In table A, host U.23 Uzbekistan Although it was certain to have a ticket to the quarterfinals before the last round, but still competed in the spirit of fair-play, holding a draw U.23 Iran with a score of 1-1. Thanks to this result, in the remaining match, U.23 Turkmenistan made history for the first time in the quarterfinals when drawing with Qatar 2-2. At the end of the group stage, U.23 Uzbekistan (7 points) was first, Turkmenistan U.23 (4 points) was second, Iran U.23 (2 points) was third, and Qatar U.23 (1 point) was fourth. U.23 Turkmenistan is the big surprise name. Historical achievements pass U.23 Iran in the previous match helped Turkmenistan U.23 seize the opportunity and put his name in the quarterfinals.

U.23 Turkmenistan entered the quarterfinals of Asia U.23 for the first time


In table B, U.23 Iraq Upstream won against U.23 Kuwait 3-1, won the right to the quarterfinals with second place in the group. The remaining ticket belongs to U.23 Australia after a 1-0 victory over U.23 Jordan. The rankings of Group B are as follows: Australia U.23 (7 points), Iraq U.23 (5 points), Jordan U.23 (4 points), Kuwait U.23 (0 points). This result is not surprising, reflecting the strength of the teams.

Uzbekistan U.23 (right) holds a draw with Iran to help U.23 Turkmenistan enter the quarterfinals


Thus, two pairs of quarterfinals have been identified: U.23 Uzbekistan meets U.23 Iraq, U.23 Australia meets U.23 Turkmenistan. At 8 pm today (8.6) the last match of Group C will take place with 2 pairs of matches between U.23 Korea with Thailand U.23, U.23 Vietnam against Malaysia U.23 to determine the next 2 tickets to the quarterfinals.

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